Get and Stay Organized With Work Management Software

How do you stay organized at work?  How do you balance all the things that comprise your task list every day? With work management software, you can create an organized workspace that promotes productivity and real-time collaboration.  Web-based task management allows you to get and stay organized. How does task project management software begin to accomplish such lofty goals?  By keeping it simple and by embracing the powerful nature of social networking software for business.  MangoApps provides a social space for real-time collaboration while creating a safe and secure environment for business innovation. So your documents, ideas, projects, tasks, and conversations are protected but remain available to project and task stakeholders for continued growth and adaptation. So how exactly does all of that help keep you organized?

Quick Task Creation From Your Dashboard

Instead of sending you a string of emails your boss can quickly create a task from the dashboard by clicking the Tasks tab to begin entering your task information.  You’ll be instantly notified in the activity feed that you’ve been assigned a task. Once you accept the task another notification will be posted to the feed so your boss will be updated about the task status. In a matter of seconds you can create a task for yourself, a colleague or even a group. After the task is created you can edit the task details at any time.

Turn Feeds into Tasks

Microblog feeds are a big part of web task management.  If you and your colleague have been commenting on a feed and an idea emerges, you can easy promote portions of or the entire feed into tasks that can be assigned to you, a colleague or a group. With real-time feeds, everyone involved will know the progression of the new task or project. There’s no guessing who’s responsible or  the timeline associated with it because you can define all of the details and everyone receives the same updates.

Easy To Read Main Page

With one central place to view all your tasks, you can efficiently organize your day.  The Tasks Main Page is where tasks can be created, viewed and edited. This results in a task management tool that promotes open conversation for collaboration and task feedback. All changes that occur post to the activity feed in real-time so everyone stays up-to-date.

Editing Task Details

Our online Work Management Software lets task assigners edit the details of any task after it’s been created. Simply find the task on the main tasks page and choose “Task details” to open the edit window.  Part of staying organized is being able to adapt to the changes that occur each day to projects and tasks.  You can easily make changes and keep everyone informed with real-time status updates in the activity feed. It makes it easier for everyone to know the status without ever having to check email, voicemail or even leave the desk.  With minimal interruptions you can stay informed and stay on task.

Work Management Software

Delete a Task

Project and task management also requires a simple way to remove tasks as needed. Mango Tasks allows both Task assigners and the responsible party to delete tasks as the workflow dictates. A notification of the deleted task will be sent to every follower of the task and task members.

Task Notification Settings

Most of us don’t need to know what each of our colleagues are doing at every moment.  Yet for managers and supervisors, it may be helpful to get updates about all team members.  That’s why every colleague in MangoApps can set their notification preferences independently. The ability to receive emails for tasks are included in the list of settings.

Task Life Cycle

Following the life cycle of a task is important to project stakeholders.  Within online task management, the Task Life Cycle begins with the creation of a task, moves into acceptance of the task and then ends with the project or task completion. MangoApps Work Management Software allows you to easily see and communicate around the status of tasks at every stage of the task life cycle. Finished tasks get marked as completed and will appear on the “Completed Tasks” sub-tab filter.

MangoApps Work Management Software provides a task management tool promoting more efficient workflow and better time management. With MangoApps Work Management Software your business will benefit from having an open, visible and dynamic task management where colleagues track, contribute and collect information to get tasks done.