Why Should Companies Build A Culture Of Inclusivity?

Why Should Companies Build A Culture Of Inclusivity?

Creating an inclusive environment for your employees is more than just a morale booster or something companies do to look impressive. A truly inclusive organization helps employees feel accepted, productive, and happier. In our article today we’ll take a look at just a few of the different ways a culture of inclusivity benefits businesses of every kind.

Engaged Employees

To do well, employees have to feel accepted and appreciated. When companies and leaders go the extra mile to make sure everyone feels included, employees know their organization truly cares about them personally and individually. As a natural result, workers feel welcome, increasing overall happiness and engagement. In fact, recent studies from The Economist recently illustrated that improved inclusion in the workplace increases employee satisfaction, talent recruitment, collaboration, and corporate reputation.

Increased Creativity

Different backgrounds and opinions encourage us to think in new ways and working together in an inclusive environment often prompts new and innovative ideas. According to Miguel Castro, a senior director and lead at SAP, “When people are comfortable and can authentically express themselves, they are more likely to perform better, which increases engagement and contributes to the organization as a whole.” Workplace inclusion gives employees the freedom to contribute openly and bring the best ideas to light.

Reduced Turnover

Recent studies in inclusive leadership show that higher inclusion rates have been linked to lower turnover among employees. When companies invest from the start in higher quality, more inclusive relationships, employees feel supported in their efforts, encouraging brand loyalty and long term commitment.

Inclusivity Training

The firsts step in creating a more inclusive culture is setting goals to make it happen. Take time as leaders to establish inclusion goals and develop training to encourage inclusive interactions. Don’t be afraid to, where appropriate, ask employees about their different backgrounds, beliefs, and traditions. Allowing employees to share what makes them unique will help them feel welcome, get to know each other, and prevent future bias.   

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