Why Mobile Apps Are Part Of Company Success

Why Mobile Apps Are Part Of Company Success

According to Statista, 81% of American phone owners have a smartphone. In many sectors of the workforce, that number is far higher. Many companies have had customer mobile apps for years, but none for their employees. This article will discuss a few ways that you can use your employees’ smartphones to improve company success.

Reach Employees Anywhere

Mobile apps are more accessible and engaging than a traditional website. With an easy-to-use company app on their phones, workers can communicate and collaborate from wherever they are.

This is especially important for frontline employees, who rarely work in one area and often don’t have access to a company email. With a mobile app installed on their personal phone, on-the-go employees are always accessible. They can tap into company knowledge and communication as needed.

Improve Internal Branding

One of the most important elements in employee retention, engagement, and overall productivity is a sense of belonging among employees. This lets workers know that they’re not only appreciated, but also an important part of a larger community.

A company app branded with your logo and colors is a simple, powerful way to reinforce this idea. More personal forms of internal branding lead to a more connected workforce, which strengthens onboarding and improves morale.

MangoApps branded company apps give your team a sense of community
MangoApps branded company apps give your team a sense of community

Beyond A Website

Mobile apps can offer employees features that aren’t possible on a desktop, like accessing your GPS for an office location, instant photo uploads, and calling phone numbers from the directory. Mobile apps also include push notifications and other features essential for an on-the-go workforce.

Replace Email With Mobile Apps

In the past, companies have had to rely on email to send out updates. While it has a certain degree of reach, email is messy and often unreliable while out of the office. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are simple and reliable. With a company mobile app, workers receive instant push notifications, helping them cut through the clutter and see news right away.

Stay In Touch While Offline

With a good company app, employees can download content for offline access. This lets users see resources and get work done even if they’re away from reliable internet sources.

Building the right mobile app can help boost a business into the modern era. At MangoApps, we’re here to help that happen. Read more about how mobile apps can create a collaborative environment, or schedule a demo with us to see MangoApps in action.