Ideas in teams – Validate, Discuss, Implement

You have a brilliant idea; you have a gut feeling that it would revolutionize your business. You think the idea would solve the company’s pain points of increasing sales, decreasing costs, improving employee productivity or even improving the process but you would always need a helping hand to validate the idea and later help with implementation. The major problem is how efficiently you can share the idea with minimum effort while worrying about its stages and implementation. MangoApps understands this issue customers

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Notifications in Collaboration Software

Real-time notifications update you immediately when the things that matter most to you occur. Without distracting you from getting your work done. A user can customize notifications in MangoApps company intranet & collaboration software to see what works best for them. We, of course, recommend choosing preferences which help you concentrate on your work, without missing anything important. Customize Your News Feeds Classifying your news feeds into primary and secondary is the first step in customizing MangoApps with what content is considered important. The primary vs the less important secondary

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Do’s & Don’ts while using your Company Intranet at Workplace


What are the top Do’s? 1. Make use of the company intranet to accelerate your work. A lot of us face a road block while trying to search for a document within a file, folder, wiki or a post in our company Intranet. We might spend hours wading through a sea of content just to find that one piece of missing text that could bring the whole puzzle together. Every time you set out to search for something it is a

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Cloud Computing Security – 3 Essential Functions


By 2020 more than 80% of businesses are expected to move to the cloud, but the question of Intranet Security has always been the elephant in the room. Cloud is being adopted at an extreme pace with companies opting for everything from software-as-a-service to infrastructure-as-a-service. The fact is there is no service secure enough that can’t be breached; cloud, on-premise or hybrid and there is definitely no easy fix. In the recent year with the numerous government and private hacks, cloud-related

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50 Hashtags MangoApps Administrators Should Consider


Hashtags are an easy way to see conversations about a particular topic on your platforms. You must be using hashtags in your domain to track down things we are just listing down the hashtags which companies typically use while using our team collaboration product. Teams #actionitem #decision #final #highpriority #lowpriority #issue #bug #problem #outdated #mobile #apps Marketing & Sales #techevent #business #client #newlead #helparticle #tip #incentive #meeting #consumers Finance #payment #refund #tax HR #annualday #party #promotion #welldone #companynews #announcement #training #newrecruit

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Manufacturer, Supplier and Distributor Collaboration Network

win win

Manufacturer, Supplier and Distributor Collaboration Network There are a variety of ways manufacturers or suppliers partner with distributors, from joint planning and joint customer sales calls to product literature, marketing materials, merchandising, training, product promotions, sales incentives, customer events, etc. These efforts help both the vendors and distributors to increase share with existing customers and earn business from new ones. Distributors aren’t really employees or customers but they are more like your business partners & the face of your company.

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18 Ways To have a Positive Attitude At Work

positivity at work attitude change

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” ~Winston Churchill. While you know that thinking positively is better for your state of mind, you might be surprised to learn that it can also be good for your health. Do you want to leave negative thoughts behind and become a more positive thinker? By following the simple tips below, you’ll learn how to communicate with coworkers effectively, and lend to a positive attitude

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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do with MangoApps


MangoApps is the most feature rich social collaboration platform on the market, offering hundreds of features and modules that can be tweaked to suit your needs with just a few clicks. Most of you are probably familiar with common features like search, profiles, polls, recognition’s, etc. MangoApps features run even deeper than that. Let’s look into the power of Mangoapps Collaboration software, and it’s incredible potential, we’ve highlighted five things you probably didn’t know. 1.   Custom Dimensions In addition to

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Drivers of Enterprise Social Intranet or Team Collaboration Software Adoption


6 Tips To Drive Social Intranet Enterprise Software Adoption According to a study done by the Sand Hill Group and Neochange, the most critical factor for software success and return-on-investment is effective user adoption. The groups conducted a survey in 2009 which incorporated the views and opinions of 353 IT buyers and software executives. Of that group over 70% listed user implementation as the most important factor for software’s success. Software functionality came in at 16% surprisingly, with organization change

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5 ways in getting the most out of your Enterprise Social Networks collaboration platform


A generation back, the concept of happiness at work was alien. People went to work to work and make a living. Today, the workforce seeks to be happy, engaged, productive and do meaningful work at their workplace. Research proves that, as individuals, our happiness levels depend not on our genetic makeup, or the external realities of our life, but majorly on our thoughts and our internal process. An interesting TED Talk drives home the same point here. Employees today are asking for

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