What Is Employee Engagement?

What Is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is much more than just happy employees or a successful company culture. A dedicated and engaged environment contributes to business success at every level. While it might seem inconsequential at first, engaged employees are truly the key to any organization’s long term success. Here are four hidden benefits of authentic employee engagement.

Improve Profitability

Investing in genuine employee engagement naturally has a positive impact on overall profitability. In fact, research shows that highly engaged employees are more motivated, passionate, and dedicated to their roles, resulting in an average 21% greater profitability. When employees know their work is valued, they take extra care and pride in it and feel driven to avoid distractions and go the extra mile. Engaging and encouraging employees in this aspect means providing them the tools they need for success and supporting effort and achievement along the way.

Create A Positive Environment

A toxic workspace is the opposite of an engaging environment. Toxic cultures drain employees, stifle growth, and should be eliminated at any cost. When employees are engaged, they know that respect and understanding are found throughout the organization from both senior leaders and peers alike. A positive environment is naturally contagious and will motivate kindness and charity throughout the office. Employers can cultivate this kind of engagement through positive and uplifting experiences as well as hiring employees they know will work well in a culture of inclusion.

Reduce Turnover Costs

When employees feel disengaged, uninterested, or unchallenged in their roles turnover tends to increase. Disengaged workers have low company loyalty and are easily swayed by the perks, environment, or opportunities at another organization. For businesses though, high turnover can create considerable costs and stress to an organization. Employee turnover often leads to an understaffed work environment, taking time away from both former coworkers trying to fulfill needs and management looking for a suitable replacement. Once a new worker has been hired it also takes time, funds, and resources to train and onboard the new employee. In fact, in the US alone, employee turnover is estimated to cost businesses over 550 Billion dollars annually. Companies that value their employees will go the extra mile to ensure their staff is engaged, encouraged, and respected at the workplace, significantly reducing turnover costs in the long run.

Increase Customer Experience

Engaged employees are your companies strongest brand ambassadors. As dedicated advocates of your business, engaged employees can naturally promote and suggest products and services in a completely new way. Employees are also considered by customers and potential clients to be trusted insiders, able to provide details and knowledge relatively unknown by outsiders. Engaged employees are happy, dedicated, and excited about their work and are eager to share positive information. When companies put in the effort to truly engage employees, they naturally produce the most satisfying customer experience every time.

Employee engagement benefits a company all around. With improved work ethic, increased profitability, better customer experience, and just an overall enjoyable work environment, improving engagement is an obvious choice. At MangoApps, we make employee engagement a natural part of our platform. With easy to navigate dashboards, inclusive group, and project spaces, simple chat features, and much more, communicating and collaborating together has never been easier. To learn more about employee engagement or to see MangoApps at work in your own organization, contact us or schedule a personalized demo today.