What Is A Company Intranet?

What Is A Company Intranet?

What Is An Intranet?

While company intranet might be a term you aren’t too familiar with, almost everyone in the working world has intranet experience. A company intranet is a private website or digital area designed for sharing internal information and communication. Intranets help organizations store information, share news, and document resources for workers at a corporate, department, and team level.

During their initial launch in the 1990’s, intranets were an amazing resource. They quickly grew in popularity and exist in most organizations today. Despite technology’s rapid growth and advancement, most intranets hit their peak around the early 2000’s. While other workplace tools continuously improve, most employees still find themselves stuck navigating an old, outdated, legacy intranet.

Declutter Intranet

Traditional intranets, although once highly innovative, don’t adapt well to the modern working world. Most aren’t very searchable, lack mobile capabilities, and are difficult to update. For today’s employees, trying to navigate a traditional intranet is a frustrating, disengaging, and time-consuming experience. Instead, workers rely on a wide-variety of apps, programs, and other communication tools to find information. These resources act as a temporary fix and often create problems of their own like increased security risks or contributing to tool sprawl.

Introducing A Modern Intranet

Intranets were originally created to simplify the work process and make company resources easily accessible. With only outdated or workaround tools available, employees need a centralized workspace now more than ever. Effective intranets are in some ways even more important now than they were in the past, but the tools and technology empowering them need a lot of improvement.

Unlike their original predecessors, modern intranets aren’t just for office employees. A modern intranet embraces how employees work today and switch seamlessly from desktop to smartphone to laptop and every other digital device in-between. Interactive intranets are perfect for traditional office workers, remote employees, and frontline associates.

Rather than simply offering information, a modern company intranet embraces the original goal of creating a helpful, interactive, and centralized experience. Information is more engaging, searchable, and tailored to an employee’s individual needs. With information finally accessible in a centralized space, intranets can actually accomplish what they were always intended for.

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Choosing The Right Company Intranet

A modern company intranet can help businesses stay productive, engage employees, and encourage brand loyalty. However, despite all these benefits, it is important to choose a company intranet that is the right fit for your organization.

While distinct business differences like size, industry, and personal style will influence your exact needs, every well designed intranet should share a few foundational features:

Connects All Employees

An effective company intranet needs to connect company employees in both the traditional top-down leadership style and with peer-to-peer communication. Straightforward communication with an employee enables workers to collaborate more effectively. Connective intranets also help employees develop friendships and create an inclusive environment, which according to a study, has a stronger influence on workplace happiness than a person’s actual profession.

Centralizes Information

A modern company intranet only works if it can keep information and communication centralized. If an intranet only addresses a few issues, or becomes just another tool in an endless collection, then it is doomed to inevitably become ineffective. A well-designed intranet needs to cover all or at least the large majority of your existing communication, collaboration, file sharing, and news needs in a single space. A successful intranet will do this by either integrating existing products, or by providing powerful product alternatives.

Intuitive and Easy To Use

Useful and long-lasting intranets must be intuitive and easy to use. While you’ll probably need some kind of introductory onboarding, using an intranet should feel natural and shouldn’t exclude employees who aren’t super tech-savvy. Information should always be searchable and easy to find. A successful company intranet should never be irritating or time-consuming. Intranets should always simplify and support the overall user experience.

Adaptable and Customizable

A dependable company intranet needs to be customizable to your organization’s unique needs. Successful intranets adapt to a company’s requirements, not the other way around. Incorporating important elements of your business like company colors, fonts, and logos should be a straightforward and simple process. You should also be able to edit and organize intranet features to best match your current work methods and styles.


At MangoApps, we know first hand how frustrating and inadequate outdated intranets are. It was these ancient digital tools and complicated processes that inspired us to create a more effective solution. As leaders in business communication and collaboration, our innovative company intranets create a truly centralized employee experience.

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