How to Help Your Company Successfully Transition to MangoApps

You’ve done a trial already and found that the MangoApps suite has the perfect web collaboration tools for your users to increase productivity and get their work done. So, now what? How do you successfully transition to MangoApps? Your users are new and people are hesitant about any kind of change, even it if it will eventually make their job easier. The good news is it’s really a matter of perspective. If you and your team can change how you look at this new web collaboration tools, the transition to MangoApps will be easy. You will be able to see how it can improve your work and make the everyday functionality of your communication much easier. A real-life example of this stems from the roots of MangoApps itself. This service started as a group chat application called EGIM – Enterprise Group Instant Messaging. We have stayed pretty true to the original vision of bringing groups together to securely and privately talk instantly and having those conversations archived for later searching. We added the functionality of our collaborative task management software, added an activity stream with micro-blogging and we made our own transition to MangoApps!

The key to this is of course that started with instant messaging. That was what we used while developing the rest of the web collaboration tools. We slowly added more functionality along the way as we saw more of the conversations that used to happen over email naturally move to MangoApps. It just happened.  Our perspective shifted as we saw our communication become more focused and productive with web collaboration tools. As the advocate in your company, you see the benefits of web collaboration tools and can help others see your perspective. As with any type of transition, it will take time to completly transition but with a little bit of understanding, you can fully transition to MangoApps in no time.

Chat and Instant Messaging

Think of IM as the first step. This is the core of our software and it is the piece that everyone can relate to and comprehend.  It can be used not only for one to one but also for group conversations. Start your transition to MangoApps by getting everyone to use it only for instant messaging. It is a great application to start with.  Even internally we still have users that 80% of their activity is through IM. It works for them, they get their work done, and they still contribute to the conversation. In MangoApps your IM conversation are not just text. You can share web pages, pictures and files.  A lot of valuable information can be shared via IM.

Document Management

So those documents you have shared in the IM conversations, how can you access all that important information?  MangoApps allows you to find documents quickly without the need to scroll through 100’s of lines of conversation. You can simply click the documents link at the top of the page and all of your documents you have uploaded, or ones people have shared with you are there, neatly organized. You can also quickly find the documents you need by using the unified search. Now that you’ve located your documents, you may want to share one of these documents with a colleague, no problem. With just a few clicks you can send it wherever you need.

Task Managment

So we started out with a simple document task like “review.”  Now we see that document in your list of tasks and you realize how easy it can be to add additional tasks. Maybe you want to add one to a project you are a part of but you are unsure who to assign it to. Have no fear! By assigning it to the project it will go into the project pool. You can post a quick update on the wall in your web collaboration tools as a comment on the newly created task to let everyone know. Not only can you manage and see your task list but if you want to see how busy your co-workers are or your project team members you can click on any one of their profiles to see their activity, links, documents and tasks too.

Web Collaboration Tools Profiles

Everyone in MangoApps web collaboration tools has a social profile. This profile shows anyone within your company what you are working on, what tasks you have pending, what you are currently working on and what you have coming up soon. They can see where their colleague’s expertise lies making it easy to be resourceful and to seek help or counsel on a project.

By showing your employees that they have so much information easily accessible the transition to MangoApps will become much easier. Your company will be collaborating and progressing with web collaboration tools right away.