Break Down Task Silos With Web Based Task Management

Project and task management can be difficult in today’s global workforce.  For many of us, our project collaborators are not even in the same time zone let alone the same office.  Presently, task management generally consists of creating and contributing to email chains and searching through archives and folders.   So how to do we effectively coordinate project and task management? Without effective communication with our colleagues, we will never be able to fully optimize productivity. Email has been the default task management tool, but it certainly has it’s fair share of problems. And even the most well-organized folders, archives, and filters can’t help when you just cannot remember who sent the document you need or what the right keyword is. Email is the ultimate task silo creator.  It was never designed to be a true project management collaboration software but because nothing else was available, we have turned to it in desperation to do the job, until now. Welcome to the world of web-based task management system. Web-based task management provides businesses with a way to easily organize, structure and promote projects and tasks in a truly collaborative nature. Here are 5 ways web-based task management tools will help your office collaborate, communicate and break down task silos.

Real-Time Activity Feeds

Real-time updates and activity feeds are part of your web-based task management application. These help you to easily stay on top of a task’s status to help your project move along quickly and efficiently.  You can also prevent duplicate efforts on tasks because task status information is readily available and centrally located.

Open Communication and Feedback

The task life cycle works best when the entire team collaborates. Feed, comments and chat features allow all members of your team to interject their personal knowledge, add suggestions and offer opinions. With the microblogging component, all comments on tasks are visible in real time to all followers.

Workflow Management

Some tasks are ongoing and need to be completed over time, others are more urgent. With online task management software, you can establish up to date task priority and keep all team members informed.  When priority changes are made, each stakeholder is also automatically updated in the real-time activity feed.

Re-assign and Re-open tasks

Web task management software allows you to re-open and re-assign tasks at any time as projects change and evolve. The new assignee and all of the other followers will remain informed instantly through notifications, eliminating the need for traditional siloed email communication.

Searchable Information 

Web task management makes finding information easier and more accessible. All content is archived and made are searchable, allowing you to conduct a simple search to find a document, chat or post in a feed.

Web-based task management software combines activity streams and full task workflow with real-time communication.  It breaks down task silos and promotes increased productive workplace. By implementing MangoTasks small business software, you are creating a more organized and productive business environment.