Want Yammer On-Premise?

Why You Won’t Be Able to Find Yammer On-Premise

Yammer’s $85 million fundraising round this week provides further validation that enterprise social collaboration tools are gaining more acceptance as the next evolution of employee intranet.  Businesses both small and large are quickly deploying these internal social networks. But what if you want Yammer on-premise? Like Chatter, they only offer a SaaS version of the software.

yammer on-premise

The benefits of enterprise social collaboration tools are clear. Employees are more connected, you can quickly and easily share files, information flows at hyperspeed, employees are always up-to-date and as a result meaningful collaboration becomes effortless.  Employees are drawn to these social networks and prefer to communicate in this way. But what happens when you want to bring yammer on-premise? Many company security policies require that sensitive discussions and files remain on-premise behind the company firewall and others are only open to the cloud if secured on dedicated servers or “private clouds”.   Yammer’s shared cloud SaaS offering fails to satisfy these security requirements.

Companies like MangoApps are filling the void here.  MangoApps offers private, secure enterprise social networks and Team Collaboration software (like Yammer), but also offers private cloud and on-premise deployment options (not offered by Yammer) as part of its MangoApps Enterprise Edition. So now you can essentially get Yammer On-Premise, but better! Gartner recently featured MangoApps at its annual Symposium event in Orlando last October.  In the 4 months since the event, MangoApps has had over 70 large enterprise customers on trials and pilots of MangoApps Enterprise Edition.  The customer chooses whether they prefer a private cloud or on-premise deployment.

Some of the other extras with MangoApps intranet collaboration software includes a choice of either annual or monthly subscription.  Large organizations are also offered unlimited enterprise wide licenses.  Additional security measures include AD & LDAP and more 3rd party integrations and the ability to disable or wipeout company content on lost or stolen mobile devices. Rest assured, whatever your security policies require, there’s a solution for you.