Where Can You Find Top Rated Social Intranet Software?

These enterprise social intranet software rankings are typically viewed with some skepticism, as the Intranet software solutions being ranked are usually paying customers of the research firm posting the ranking. Payoffs create a clear bias, causing readers to wonder if these are “pay for play” rankings.

If you want an entirely unbiased ranking of enterprise social Intranet software vendors, look to Jonathan Frappier’s recent post “Enterprise Social Media Platform Evaluations.” Jonathan lead the project at Global Novations, a mid-sized company, to evaluate and select the best social collaboration offering available in the marketplace today.

You’ll regularly see Enterprise Social Intranet Software Rankings released by the large research firms, such as Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant,” Forrester’s “Wave Report,” and IDC’s “MarketScape.”

Enterprise Social Intranet Ranking- Which is the best Social Intranet Software
Enterprise Social Intranet Ranking- Which is the best Social Intranet Software

Ranking the Best Enterprise Social Intranet in the world

Jonathan’s team performed extensive evaluations of over 15 enterprise social Intranets comparing them on different variations. He compiled their findings and produced an unbiased ranking of enterprise social Intranets share. The above chart is a visual representation of the team’s findings after months of vendor interviews, demos, tests, and trials.

Jonathan and his team focused 100% weight on each product’s features, capabilities, and level of innovation. Zero points were given for brand awareness, company status (private, public), the board of directors, etc. These rankings are strictly intended to identify the best social collaboration product available today.

And the Winners Are

The result: Jive and MangoApps team collaboration and social intranet sofware are by far the most comprehensive social collaboration offerings available today. Yammer and SocialCast followed, rounding out the “Leaders” segment. After these top four solutions, there was significant distance separating these Leaders from the offerings in the “Major Players,” “Niche,” and finally “Web 1.0” categories. View complete results here.

MangoApps’ latest release impressed the team with its ease of use and many UI refinements. The new “Intranet” module allows MangoApps customers to create unlimited “Departmental Pages” to display traditional intranet content such as policies, procedures, important announcements, and upcoming events. MangoApps also added out-of-the-box integrations with CRM systems, such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Siebel. The robust mobile apps allowing full access while mobile (including IM, video & audio blogs, and full file access) also scored big points for MangoApps.

For a visual breakdown of market share by vendor see: https://www.mangoapps.com/blog/best-enterprise-social-software-vendors/

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