7 Best Ways to Increase Team Collaboration Within the Workplace

Organizations are finding it increasingly challenging to raise or maintain team collaboration within a department across the workplace. The challenge is getting team members to know each other better, to have team members thrive on each other for success, to increase communication within departments and employees. These challenges keep evolving with expanding offices across locations, departments, […]

How You Can Successful Utilize Your Workplace Intranet

What are the top Do’s? 1. Make use of the company intranet to accelerate your work. A lot of us face a road block while trying to search for a document within a file, folder, wiki or a post in our company Intranet. We might spend hours wading through a sea of content just to […]

3 Essential Functions of Quality Cloud Computing Security

By 2020 more than 80% of businesses are expected to move to the cloud, but the question of Intranet Security has always been the elephant in the room. Cloud is being adopted at an extreme pace with companies opting for everything from software-as-a-service to infrastructure-as-a-service. The fact is there is no service secure enough that can’t […]

Benefits and Features of Task Management Collaboration Software

The explosion of industries, organizations across the world has meant that departments have started working together across the globe on collaboration portals and Intranets and employees have begun working cross-departments on multiple projects. Employees have started taking up wider roles across the organization which makes the “to-do lists” even bigger. Post-chits and notepads are a […]

Hidden Intranet Features and Less Known Collaboration Tool

 Hidden Features of an Intranet or Collaboration Tool Gamification – This is a one-of-a-kind feature that helps drive employee satisfaction and engagement by awarding badges based on employee activity and contribution to the organization. This feature creates friendly competition and highlights top influencers and contributors. Gamification is another great feature which at times gets misconstrued with unhealthy competition and […]

Collaboration Software Features Your Company Needs to Have

Most organizations have realized the need for an Team Collaboration Software or Intranet Software. Selecting one requires extensive brainstorming and decision making to choose the best software that fits all your organizations’ unique requirements. An Online Team Collaboration Software that will streamline processes, enhance employee communication and collaboration. A combination of all the many tools used […]

5 Future Digital Workplace Technologies to Transform Your Enterprise

We wrote about how Collaboration Software’s and Intranets Tools were helping build the evolving digital workplace landscape. This blog will talk about how similar technologies will help shape the future of the digital workplace trends allowing organizations and employees conduct business and execute day-to-day tasks to deliver a greater work experience. A digital workplace is […]

50 Business Hashtags MangoApps Administrators Should Consider

Hashtags are an easy way to see conversations about a particular topic on your platforms. You must be using hashtags in your domain to track down things we are just listing down the hashtags which companies typically use while using our team collaboration product. Teams #actionitem #decision #final #highpriority #lowpriority #issue #bug #problem #outdated #mobile #apps […]

5 Awesome Less Known Features of MangoApps

MangoApps is the most feature rich social collaboration platform on the market, offering hundreds of features and modules that can be tweaked to suit your needs with just a few clicks. Most of you are probably familiar with common features like search, profiles, polls, recognition’s, etc. MangoApps features run even deeper than that. Let’s look […]

How to Overcome the 4 Most Common Hurdles in Social Intranet

According to Cmswire, it took 30 months for Nat Geo to build one of the world’s best intranets. Since improving their intranet platform, Nat Geo has seen their employee engagement increase by a whopping 70%. Nat Geo’s statistic proves that the right social intranet platform can increase communication within a company, encourage employees to interact […]

6 Tips To Drive Social Intranet Enterprise Software Adoption

According to a study done by the Sand Hill Group and Neochange, the most critical factor for software success and return-on-investment is effective user adoption. The groups conducted a survey in 2009 which incorporated the views and opinions of 353 IT buyers and software executives. Of that group over 70% listed user implementation as the […]

Unlock and Enhance Your Knowledge Through Collaboration

Most organizations today struggle to manage their rapidly growing volume of vital corporate knowledge and effectively. Enormous amounts of useful information are being trapped in information silos, such as email inboxes. And many companies have a limited understanding of organizational expertise or talent because the right information either is not collected in a team collaboration […]

5 Must Have Enterprise Social Software Integrations

No one wants a new way to work, they want ways to improve the processes they are currently using, one of the best ways to ensure widespread adoption of social software is to integrate with existing business applications already in place that run your business. Implementing your enterprise social network requires more than just a […]

Cost of Ownership for On-Premise VS SaaS, why we offer both options!

At MangoApps we get customers all the time asking about the total cost of ownership of our Enterprise grade deployment offerings. We provide Shared Cloud, Private Cloud, and On-Premise, you can choose one vendor with equally compelling options for your deployment. I was contacted by Software Advice to look at their Calculator, and I was […]

Top 3 Enterprise Social Network Requirements For Mid-Market Companies

Enterprise Social Networking is proving to be the most efficient method for workers to communicate internally. Information flows at a rapid pace, files of any size are easily shared, and teams collaborate freely from any location and any device. Users love the natural social network look and feel, the ease of use, and the effortless […]

3 Easy Ways Your Company Can Improve Social Onboarding

1. Onboarding is serious business With  22% of staff turnover happening in the first forty-five days of employment. New employees who went through a structured onboarding program are 58% more likely to be with the organization after three years. A new employee consumes value for the first three months after which they begin to add […]

Assigning Project Tasks with Milestones – Customer Use Case

I speak with Customers on a daily basis, and through these conversations, I help them understand the best practices with the product, and almost always they teach me a thing or two. Today’s Customer use case comes from Jason at Ebonexus as we were trying to figure out a workaround for assigning project tasks to several […]

5 Must Have Productivity Tools For Any Businesses

The highly competitive market, today demands businesses to put in twice as much effort as they did a decade ago in order to stay afloat. As the world continues to go digital, the traditional tools of business are slowly but surely becoming impractical & outdated. Choosing online tools for your productivity workflow is a great […]

Where Can You Find Top Rated Social Intranet Software?

These enterprise social intranet software rankings are typically viewed with some skepticism, as the Intranet software solutions being ranked are usually paying customers of the research firm posting the ranking. Payoffs create a clear bias, causing readers to wonder if these are “pay for play” rankings. If you want an entirely unbiased ranking of enterprise […]

The Future of Innovation, Collaboration and Leadership

Deloitte in June 2012 captured the CEO Insomnia Index from a diverse range of Business leaders with the aim of identifying opportunities and challenges that are perceived to be the most pressing in business. Top 3 opportunities identified by the study were: 1. Innovation 2. Collaboration 3. Leadership Going by this clearly HR would be on […]

Enrich Your Business with These Enterprise Social Networks Hidden Features

Some of the best features of enterprise social networks are somewhat hidden. Once you find them, it opens up entirely new ways to communicate and collaborate with co-workers, partners, and customers. MangoApps, a Gartner 2012 Cool Vendor in Social Software and Collaboration, offers enhanced tools such as in-app video and audio blogs. In addition to […]

Why Culture Is the Key to Outstanding Talent Management

Talent Management True talent management is about more than finding and keeping the right people. It’s also about making smart decisions that benefit both the workforce and the organization. The goal of talent management is to create a high-performance, sustainable organization that meets its objectives and strategic & operational goals. To accomplish this utilizing an […]

10 Tips to Successful Encourage Innovation

Ideas can be in the form of new products or services, cost-reducing techniques, process improvements, or innovative business models and methods.  No doubts that the benefits of innovation management occur in all aspects of the financial statements.  Most great ideas for enhancing corporate growth and profits aren’t discovered at your research center or brainstorming in the conference rooms, […]

5 Enterprise Social Network Myths

Just as public social networks have changed the way that people connect and interact, enterprise social networks can have a big impact on employee productivity and collaboration. Initially thought to be a distraction, these networks are now popping up at companies of all sizes worldwide and realizing the huge potential of social collaboration to pump information […]