Create a Completely Custom MangoApps Login Page

Branding is an essential element for any business collaboration intranet. Whether your company is large or small, it will need a strong brand to build its identity. We’ve incorporated some exciting new customization options into MangoApps allowing your business to personalize your login page to reflect your company’s colors, logo, and more. When it comes to branding in MangoApps the possibilities are almost endless. A custom login page design is definitely something you’ll want to seriously consider. It’s easy to forget that users see a login page every time they sign in our sign out, creating the last impression they receive of your site. Creating a custom login page for your MangoApps domain is fast and easy, makes your site feel unique, and lets everyone know they are in the right place. So take a few minutes and design a custom MangoApps login page that will make the right impression.


Custom MangoApps Login Page