Things TO DO in your Enterprise Social Software

Enterprise social software allows you to narrate your work with a simple status update. This simple act does two great things. First, it updates your boss and team on what you are working on, making a status meeting seem pointless. Secondly, it shows others how to post as well as the ease and purpose of daily use. Part three of the series is to discuss the things that are beneficial to your enterprise social software to promote user adoption and build a strong, thriving community.

Enterprise Social Software

Create Engagement in your Enterprise Social Software

By pointing to others’ work, and providing commentary on it help continue the life-cycle of engagement. You need to plant a seed, water it, give it lots of light and watch it grow.  Just adding a quick comment or even a “like” when others post what they are working on helps to encourage posting and creates a sense of community. Acknowledgement is a huge motivation for people. When work is acknowledged, we feel like what we contribute matters. A natural cycle evolves when just a few champions initiate these types of posts.

Comment and discuss.

Keep the discussions going when you see merit to do so. Long conversations can bring others out who might not already be posting as they feel more comfortable posting after a few replies. Every social group is going to have wallflowers or lurkers. Those that will always read what you post but rarely contribute either from embarrassment of what people might think of their opinion, or just haven’t found the right topic to dive in to. Keeping the conversation flowing for longer than just a couple of lines will give users enough time to either feel comfortable that they are contributing to a larger group and be able to still blend into the walls, or you you triggered the need to finally contribute to steer the conversation where they hoped it would go. Quick conversations that die quickly don’t encourage these two user types to contribute.

Ask and answer questions.

Everyone has questions, and answers. Using the Q&A portion of your Enterprise Social Software will also encourage great participation. Nobody will ask a question if they don’t get answers, and nobody will answer if there is not questions they have answers to. You need to have enough questions on the table, and enough answers to involve wider participation. It’s okay to seen the content with answers to evoke discussion, so as you are trying to get adoption, participate and leverage the company brain!

Talk about social stuff going on at the company.

News that matters to your users most, drives readership and participation. Hopefully your Enterprise Social Software also allows for Static, top-down announcements like traditional Intranets of years past. This give you users a place to call home to always find out what is happening. The next training, the next group outing. Mergers, acquisitions… it’s okay to let your folks know what’s going on. Keeping employees in the loop with company news allows them to feel like they are a part of it, not on the outside looking in. I’m sure there is something great happening in your company, or something you heard from a friend. Share it and watch the conversation develop!

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