Benefits & Features of a Task Management Collaboration Software

Task Management Collaboration Software

The explosion of industries, organizations across the world has meant that departments have started working together across the globe on collaboration portals and Intranets and employees have begun working cross-departments on multiple projects. Employees have started taking up wider roles across the organization which makes the “to-do lists” even bigger. Post-chits and notepads are a thing of the past, very insecure and completely unorganized, with no reminders or notifications it spells disaster for an employee and an organization on the

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7 best ways to increase Team Collaboration within your workplace

best software collaboration

Organizations are finding it increasingly challenging to raise or maintain team collaboration within a department across the workplace. The challenge is getting team members to know each other better, to have team members thrive on each other for success, to increase communication within departments and employees. These challenges keep evolving with expanding offices across locations, departments, languages and cultures. It is a natural evolution of advanced technologies, where evolving teams no longer see the importance to collaborate, and it decreases. This

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MangoApps Collaboration & Intranet Software Reviews through Customers

MangoApps Collaboration & Intranet Software Reviews through Customers

MangoApps Collaboration & Intranet Software Review by Customers  As part of a product development process at MangoApps, they continually ask their customers for MangoApps reviews and feedback regarding which capabilities they want most.  Many of the new features in the quarterly releases are a direct result of requests from current clients.  Client feedback is like gold, and they read and listen intently to each and every one. Rather than keeping this feedback themselves ourselves, they have shared what current users

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Cost of Ownership for On-Premise VS SaaS, why we offer both options!


At MangoApps we get customers all the time asking about the total cost of ownership of our Enterprise grade deployment offerings. We provide Shared Cloud, Private Cloud, and On-Premise, you can choose one vendor with equally compelling options for your deployment. I was contacted by Software Advice to look at their Calculator, and I was asked if I could blog about it. I thought it was better for them to speak in their words, so here is a Guest blog

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Customer Use Case – Assigning Project Tasks with Milestones


I speak with Customers on a daily basis, and through these conversations, I help them understand the best practices with the product, and almost always they teach me a thing or two. Today’s Customer use case comes from Jason at Ebonexus as we were trying to figure out a workaround for assigning project tasks to several project members for their own customer deployments. He refers to them as “New Site Creations” where several tasks needed to be handled by multiple project team

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Task Tracking Software – 5 Ways to Become GTD Orientated


According to David Allen’s Getting Things Done, our brains do a lousy job of remembering the things we need it to remember when we need to remember them. Therefore, we need and external task management system to help with task management so we can actually get things done. Task tracking does this for the business world. When corporations use task management software, they create a workflow management that in essence, gets people out of their own way. With work management software you externally create a to do list with comprehensive details accessible in a centralized location. Web task management software becomes your brain so your brain can concentrate on actually doing the tasks, not trying to remember the things you were supposed to get done.

Web Task Management – Top 5 Ways to Streamline Your Tasks

Streamlining tasks is the best way keep forward progression on a day to day basis. Instead of thinking of tasks as pages of disjointed items, web task management can help you achieve a strong and steady flow to task management. Task management software offers your business access to task management tools to help your workforce maintain a higher level of productivity without getting bogged down by needless steps. There are five ways a web based task manager can help you and your business streamline tasks.

Creation to Completion – How to Use Your Task Management Tools


Task management tools are becoming ever prevalent in the workplace. For task management tools to be effective, you have to know how to use them. It’s important to understand what your task management tools can do for you so that you can use it to your fullest advantage. Work management software can move you into a more productive workspace if you take the time to use it as intended. The first step, of course, is task creation. Task management tools

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Project and Task Management without Micro-Management

Project and task management without micro-management? How does that statement sit with you?  As a manager, you are probably panicking and thinking, “Project and task management can’t happen without micro-management can it?”  As worker bee, you are thinking, “Sign me up!”   Managers and work bees unite, you can implement task management tools that can free you from micromanagement.  Work management software can open up a whole new world for you in Enterprise 2.0. As a regular Joe employee, what drives

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