5 Easy Ways To Get Things Done with Task Tracking Software

According to David Allen’s Getting Things Done, our brains do a lousy job of remembering things. So, in order to stay productive and actually get work done, we need an external task management system. Task tracking software does this for the business world.  When corporations use task tracking software, they create a workflow management that essentially gets people out of their own way. With work management software you can externally create a to-do list with comprehensive details accessible in a centralized location.  Web task tracking software becomes your brain so that you can concentrate on actually doing the tasks, not on trying to remember what you were supposed to do. Here are 5 ways task tracking can help you stay focused and get things done.

Simple Task Creation

It is well-known that if something isn’t easy to use, most of us won’t use it.  The same principle applies to task management software. With MangoTasks, it only takes a matter of seconds to create a task for yourself, a colleague or a group.  You can even turn activity feeds into tasks with one click. Whenever someone is assigned or receives a task the entire group will be instantly notified in the activity feed keeping everyone informed and up to date. Even if you choose to keep a task private you will still be able to accurately track your task as changes are made.

Details, Details, Details

According to David Allen’s get things done methodology, good task tracking software should allow you to do more front-end planning. By covering your basis in the beginning and by adding details in the task notes upon creation, when it comes time for you or the assignee to complete the task there is already a clear starting point. Your brain can immediately begin focusing on how to execute the task, not on what the task is.  MangoTasks allows you to create detailed task notes and securely attach documents all from one place.  So you are setting the responsible party up for success right from the beginning.Task Tracking Software get things done

Edit Tasks Anytime, Anywhere

Once you’ve created a task you can easily edit the details at any time and from any place using either the web, desktop or mobile clients.  Your task tracking software allows you to change and adapt tasks as the project changes and adapts.  The real-time activity feeds keep all stakeholders in the loop so efforts aren’t duplicated.

Establish Priority

A huge part of organizing your tasks is establishing priority so you can get things done.  Establishing priority allows you to create a sense of order without getting overwhelmed by all the tasks that need to be completed.  Within MangoApps task tracking software, you can establish the level of urgency and priority associated with the tasks.  You can assign a specific date or a time bracket of today, tomorrow, this week, next week,  or sometime soon.  Upon first glance at your task list, your tasks are organized based up the priority set for them.  Your overdue tasks are listed first then on down the line. It is a quick way for your take in a lot of information and it is already compartmentalized so that your brain doesn’t have to sort the information.

Accessible and Readable Dashboard

With MangoApps task tracking software you can easily access your task list from your web, desktop, or mobile client so your brain doesn’t have to remember where everything is.  It is already all laid out for you. You can get informed quickly and completely so that you can begin moving forward with tasks and projects.

Task Tracking Software aids in freeing your brain from remembering task allowing it to focus on execution and how to get things done.  Imagine how much more you could do if you had an effective work management system. MangoApps offers small business software for project and task management so your brain can relax and get back to work.