Task Management Tools Get You From Project Creation to Completion

Task management tools are becoming ever prevalent in the workplace but if these tools are going to be effective you have to know how to use them. It’s important to understand what your task management tools can do for you so that you can use it to your fullest advantage. Work management software can move you into a more productive workspace and help your work go from project creation to completion.

The first step, of course, is task creation. Task management tools should make it easy to create tasks, because if this step isn’t easy then no one will use it. Upon creating the task you can provide as much detail as needed including secure file sharing for added resources to the task executors. Next, assign the task to a task executor or the person you want to perform the task. You can assign priority to the task as well as express the level of urgency required. At this point, you can also set the privacy of the task, meaning you can make it just visible to you and the assignees or allow everyone to view it. Select add task and you are good to go. Task updates are posted to the real-time activity feed.

task management tools project creation to completion

Once the task is accepted the activity feed is updated once again. Task details can be edited at any time. The activity feed posts any changes made in real-time, so everyone gets updated. MangoTasks task tracking software enables you to follow the life cycle of a task from project creation to completion. Upon completion of your task, it is removed from you pending task list to the completed task list to create optimal organization.

So now that you know how to use task project management software, how do you use it to make your day more productive?  MangoApps web-based task management tools organize your task list to create to-do items, allowing you to quickly manage your agenda in the context of your tasks. Tasks are organized into three main sections, pending, completed and assigned by me. This gives you a quick overview of what if going on and lets you prepare for the day.

Tasks are organized first by overdue tasks and then on down the line to those prioritized with sometime soon. Priority allows you to use your task tracking software to optimize your day from the get-go and helps you see tasks through from project creation to completion. You’ll never have to fish through emails or notes again. As long as you take a moment to enter your tasks in or accept assigned tasks, your task management tools will make it easy for you to organize your day according to your priorities.

Another significant part of the MangoApps desktop web task manager is that you can quickly view task waiting for acceptance and tasks assigned by you. This saves you from having to track someone down and allows you to see all pending items in one central location. It’s a great way for you to stay informed on the progress of tasks you have a stake in thereby helping you know the role you need to play in their progression.

Using task management tools is a good start to a more organized and productive workplace. It allows people at all levels of the organization to stay informed without wasting time or effort and to prioritize their work day. MangoApps task management tools offer a way to get out of the email and paper trail task management problem and into the Enterprise project and task management solution.