Task Management Tools to Help Optimize Your Work Day

You know that implementing a web-based task management tool will help facilitate productivity.  But once you have it, how do you maximize your task management tool to optimize your workday?  Software for task management can help you achieve greater productivity, giving you the opportunity to filter through the details surrounding your tasks and to get clarification easily and at their disposal. Here are 6 ways to use task management tools to create a truly collaborative environment and help you optimize your work day.

Establish a Workflow

Some tasks are always changing and have a flexible deadline and some are much more specific and straightforward. Other times action items will appear suddenly, great urgency or will require your immediate attention. Online task management tools help you to optimize your work day but making it easy to establish priorities. These tools also make it easy to keep everyone up to date and informed with real-time notifications and activity feeds.

Turn Ideas Into Actions

Great ideas often emerge accidentally on activity feeds about a project or task.  These ideas are often exactly what we need to push a project in the right direction.  With online task manager, you can covert any posts in an activity feed into tasks with one simple click. It’s easy and always preserves the integrity of the original idea. When you convert a comment in an activity feed to a task, you don’t lose any information by trying to relay a message in email or from transcribing notes.    these changes or creations occur, the real-time activity feed updates so you can track the life cycle of the task from inception to completion.

Re-assigning  and Re-opening tasks

Web task management tools make it easy to optimize your work day by allowing you to reassign or re-open tasks at any time as projects change or evolve.  When a project is re-opened or re-assigned, the person it is attached to will be notified immediately, as will everyone else associated with the task. This process makes continuing, editing or transferring tasks straightforward and email free. Web task management additionally lets all group members see changes in task status and responsibility instantly.

Use Your Resources

Web task management makes finding the information you need more accessible and easier than ever. All posts, chats, documents and tasks are made searchable and are instantly archived so that you can find whatever you need whenever you need it.

Create Real-Time Collaboration

Using a web-based task management tool allows collaboration for the geographically dispersed workplace.  No matter the time zone differences, you can still stay connected and informed.  Your task management tool can unite team members across physical and geographical boundaries.  Using chat and instant messaging along with secure document sharing and converting activity feeds into a task, your team can move forward faster with efficiency and ease.  Real-time collaboration makes business social networking software better than email.

Delegate or Seek Help From Others

Within your task management tool, you can search your colleagues’ profile, see their experience and assign tasks accordingly.  All task assignments and acceptance are posted to your activity feed so everyone is notified in real-time.  You can also use this as a way to search for someone in your company that might be able to offer insight for your project or task. Get ready to become more productive, more organized and more informed.   By implementing web-based task management tool you can harness the power or collaboration tools for business.