5 Ways Task Management Software Helps You Keep On Task

Task management software is arguably one of the most important parts of small business software.  A task management application helps businesses stay organized, execute projects and keep on task.  It also allows project stakeholders to stay informed and on the same page. Generally, office workers are all are trying to balance multiple tasks that can pull you in several different directions.  No matter your position in the company, it can be easy to get side tracked and off task.

In the workplace we constantly wage a war against distractions.  Phone calls, co-workers, emails, additional projects and of course meetings, meetings, and more meetings.  So how can we manage our tasks effectively?  How can we filter all the stuff that gets thrown at us, dig through our information and yield productive results?  Using a task management system is one way to promote clear, concise management of tasks.  Here are five simple ways task management software can help you keep on task.

Catch up

If you are collaborating on a task, take a few minutes to read through project updates.  Relax, sip your coffee and read up on the latest progress.  Web based task management software provides activity feeds that are updated in real time so you always have access to the most current information.  With all updates in a central place, it takes less time and is much less stressful to get caught up and current.  Getting caught up first thing is a great way to assign order to which tasks and know which projects to tackle first. It also gives you an opportunity to update your own task list.  All of the updates are posted real-time in the activity feed keeping everyone knowledgeable and informed.

Recieve Feedback

With Task Management Software it only takes a minute to comment, question or provide status updates to colleagues. This keeps work moving forward so everyone can continue to work on their individual pieces of a project. By clarifying and responding in a timely manner, everyone is able to better stay on track and move ahead.  This also eliminates the drawn-out “wait and see” period that comes with long email chains. This can also help prevent duplicate work and keep everyone working efficiently and on the same page.

Facilitates Change

Web task management is a very adaptable collaboration tool.  Maybe you realize that the task doesn’t fit the direction of the project anymore or that it has morphed into something entirely different. Don’t get discouraged about unexpected changes. Take advantage of real-time updates and evolve with tasks and projects.  With an online task management application, you can delete or edit tasks at any time including who they are assigned to. It’s a collaboration tool that channels the natural flow of project development.


If you have the power, use your task management application to delegate wisely.  Assign tasks to create a task management system that facilitates productivity.  You don’t have to do it all.  Assigning a task also eliminates confusion about who is accountable for what and should help prevent duplicate efforts. It also makes it easier to match tasks to expertise.  If you know Bill is an expert in XYZ, than delegating a task to him uses your company’s resources most efficiently.  Using your team members’ expertise is the best way keep on task and get work completed quickly.

Stop Wasting Time on Email

Email is a sea of communication – not work management software.  Use your task management software to its fullest advantage.  Web task management allows you to follow a task through its entire lifecycle.  With real-time updates and activity feeds you and your colleagues are always on the same page. You can limit interruptions, phone calls and aimless searching because all of your tasks are easily managed in one convenient place. Imagine spending only minutes reading, responding and creating tasks instead of the hours it can take to dig through your email.

When you incorporate these ideas and features found in the MangoTask task management tool you can really see how using workflow managment software can help you and your colleagues stay on task. And when eveyone can stay on task, projects move into completion or get tabled faster. With effective task management software like MangoTasks, you will create a more productive workflow.  Your workplace can become a place of real production and less confusion and wasted time.  Web based task management is the way to keep on task and make every day a productive day.