Improve Company Connectivity With MangoApps Groups

Company intranets have changed and evolved over the years. From its origins as a simple document management platform to the extensive business collaboration system it is today, intranet continues to adapt and grow to meet the needs of modern businesses.  Intranets benefit organizations by increasing productivity, efficiency, and employee engagement, and will always be important for […]

How MangoApps and Email Work Together To Help You

If you’re a user who logs into MangoApps every day, then you’re probably familiar with the necessity of juggling both MangoApps and email, just to communicate with everyone. Constantly shifting back and forth between an open/project communication platform (MangoApps) and a private communication tool (email) restricts information flow, reduces productivity, and honestly just makes work […]

7 Ways Guaranteed to Create Accelerated ECS Adoption

Accelerated ECS adoption is the primary goal when rolling out any Enterprise Collaboration Software (ECS) solution. This article lays out the best practices for accelerated ECS adoption to improve ROI and reach a critical mass for usage. The Challenges There are important challenges of accelerated ECS adoption and an important one is the need to documented Enterprise […]

Improve Your Experience With SharePoint ECS Integration

SharePoint is a leader in the Enterprise Content Management platform space.  However, the best SharePoint integration offerings by Enterprise Collaboration Software (ECS) leaders MangoApps, Yammer, and Jive help you to raise the bar on productivity and when the two are used together.But what should we be looking for in the best SharePoint integration by an ECS? […]

Why Companies Prefer On-Premise Enterprise Social Networks

AIIM surveyed its 65,000 members in Oct to find out what companies are thinking about cloud and on-premise enterprise social networks. The results, released in AIIM’s report “Social in the Flow”,  may surprise you. If you thought companies would be slow to adopt enterprise social networks, you’d be wrong. 78% of companies surveyed are deploying […]

How to Help Your Company Successfully Transition to MangoApps

You’ve done a trial already and found that the MangoApps suite has the perfect web collaboration tools for your users to increase productivity and get their work done. So, now what? How do you successfully transition to MangoApps? Your users are new and people are hesitant about any kind of change, even it if it will […]

MangoApps New Email Integration Feature Is Now Available

We are ecstatic to announce that with our latest email integration feature release you can now post feeds and comments to your MangoApps Collaboration Software or Social Intranet directly from your email.  This feature is available immediately and is easy to start using. Just configure your email settings using the new UI and you’ll be able to […]