Collaboration Software Features Your Company Needs to Have

Most organizations have realized the need for an Team Collaboration Software or Intranet Software. Selecting one requires extensive brainstorming and decision making to choose the best software that fits all your organizations’ unique requirements. An Online Team Collaboration Software that will streamline processes, enhance employee communication and collaboration. A combination of all the many tools used […]

5 Must Have Enterprise Social Software Integrations

No one wants a new way to work, they want ways to improve the processes they are currently using. One of the best ways to ensure widespread adoption of social software is to utilize that enterprise social software integrations available.  Your enterprise social platform should have the ability to integrate social into your existing business processes. […]

Top 3 Enterprise Social Network Requirements For Mid-Market Companies

Mid-market companies have specific needs when it comes to deploying enterprise social networking. These needs are often overlooked and not addressed by large vendors. To large vendors, they are small fish. However, smaller vendors are seeking to address this need and are focusing specifically on enterprise social networking for mid-market companies. Here are the top […]

5 Exciting Advanced Features of Enterprise Social Networks

Enterprise social networks are being deployed at a rapid rate.  The need for better internal communication and collaboration seems to be universal, regardless of company size, industry, or location. More than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies will partially or fully implement an enterprise social network by the end of 2013, according to a recent Deloitte […]

The Future of Innovation, Collaboration and Leadership

In June 2012, Deloitte captured the CEO Insomnia Index from a diverse range of Business leaders in order to determine the most common opportunities and challenges businesses endure. The top 3 opportunities identified by the study were innovation, collaboration, and leadership. Add in technological advancements in the mobile space, evolving workplace tools and the growth of […]

Enrich Your Business with Enterprise Social Networks Hidden Features

Some of the best features of enterprise social networks somewhat unknown. Once you find these enterprise social networks hidden features, it opens up entirely new ways to communicate and collaborate with co-workers, partners, and customers. MangoApps, a Gartner 2012 Cool Vendor in Social Software and Collaboration, offers enhanced tools such as in-app video and audio blogs. […]

Talent Management and Enterprise Social Networks

2 out of every 10 employees are actively looking for a job 5 out of every 10 employees are open to a new job only 3 of every 10 employees are not interested in a new job at this point in time. 48% of employees say their skills go unnoticed 75% employees feel their work […]

3 More Myths about Enterprise Social Networks

Just as public social networks have changed the way that people connect and interact, enterprise social networks can have a big impact on employee productivity and collaboration. Initially thought to be a distraction, these networks are now popping up at companies of all sizes worldwide, as companies realize the huge potential of social collaboration to pump […]

How To Calculate The ROI of Enterprise Social Software?

According to Gartner, many companies are making buying decisions about enterprise social software based on intangible value rather than the traditional tangible value of accounting based ROI calculations. While it can be tempting to rely on instinct and intuition, when it comes to business it is essential to keep the ROI in mind. Everything in an organization […]

Enterprise Social Networks Are Overtaking Email

Email vs. enterprise social networks has been a much-debated topic for the last few years. Some say e-mails will die, just like telefax and snail mail, however, some say e-mail is too big to ever completely go away. The creation of email did not replace telefax and snail mails completely, but it did help improve […]

Increased Security and Enterprise Social Networks

It appears this will be the year Enterprise Social Networks hit main street.  Companies of all sizes, government agencies, educational institutes, and non-profits are all rushing to deploy private, secure social collaboration networks for internal use. These industries are all interested in real-time communication, effortless collaboration, quicker access to answers, easy file sharing, and faster information […]

5 Enterprise Collaboration Software Yammer Alternatives

If your company is looking for an internal social networking  Yammer alternative than this post is for you. Yammer isn’t always the best fit for all organization, and finding the right enterprise collaboration software depends a long on your unique needs and requirements. It also depends on the size of your organization and the number […]

How Social Collaboration Networks Improve Customer Service

A good customer experience is critical to a company’s success 90% of the time.” – Forester Research. At MangoApps, we believe that a good customer experience is critical to our company’s success. We also believe that the secret to providing a good customer experience is in building and sustaining the “service aptitude” at your company and individually […]

Why Companies Prefer On-Premise Enterprise Social Networks

AIIM surveyed its 65,000 members in Oct to find out what companies are thinking about cloud and on-premise enterprise social networks. The results, released in AIIM’s report “Social in the Flow”,  may surprise you. If you thought companies would be slow to adopt enterprise social networks, you’d be wrong. 78% of companies surveyed are deploying […]

Why Enterprise Social Networking will Replace Email

Enterprise Social Networking Introduction: Despite the growing use of intranets, wikis, instant messaging and content management tools like SharePoint, none of these tools has been able to replace email. Email’s ability to convey anything and everything is a powerful enabler. Yet that enabler has resulted in email being overused and misused. Email usage has grown to […]

How Business Status Updates Have Become the New Norm

Microblogging platforms like Twitter and Facebook are changing how people communicate…Businesses can leverage these sames shifts to benefit their employees and business productivity

MangoApps Offers Companies Collaborative Email Alternatives

Stop griping about how much email we have, and instead, understand what email is actually good for, what it isnt, and and discover a better place for all those types of emails. At MangoSpring we believe there is a better place for a vast majority of business communication. That the status update is more beneficial when shared outside of an email platform. That a notice about service issues is more appropriate and more effective away from the inbox. Think about a platform where people posted status updates, shared ideas, recognized team members, provide information about projects, and indicated when they were done with a task. Those things alone if moved out of email would reduce email volume likely by 50% or more. However, it goes beyond just reducing email traffic. It is at the core of fully engaged enterprise…a culture of openness and sharing, that when adopted help make your organization be more effective and efficient…and get you access to information quicker and easier than ever before.

MangoApps Launches Enterprise Microblogging and Instant Messaging – Press Release

SEATTLE, WA May 4th, 2010 – MangoApps, the leading provider of hosted social intranet and collaboration software announced today the availability of free instant messaging and enterprise microblogging modules to its MangoApps platform.  Employees can now broadly collaborate on everyday tasks through enterprise microblogging and seamlessly transition to private instant messaging conversations with a single […]

MangoApps Unveils its Social Intranet Business Software – Press Release

SEATTLE, WA February 15, 2010 – MangoApps, has developed a smart set of communication and social intranet business software tools designed to boost daily productivity.  MangoApps is the missing ingredient to make social intranet business software truly effective for business communication. MangoApps is the first product of its kind to seamlessly combine enterprise social networking with […]