Tool Sprawl: A Toxin to Productivity

This post is only a summary of our research and findings, for more information take a look at our complete and comprehensive Tool Sprawl Analysis Technology is designed to make work faster, easier, and more effective. From the industrial revolution to the internet, technology over the centuries has transformed work in almost unimaginable ways. And […]

Successfully Serving Big Clients With Small Teams

Over the last decade, start-ups and small businesses have shown that you don’t need an enterprise sized staff to pack a serious punch. When small teams work well together they can not only keep up with larger competitors but even ofter unique advantages unavailable anywhere else. Small teams don’t need to be limited or intimidated […]

MangoApps Airbrake Integration: Enabling Airbrake in Your Workflow

One of the most frequent requests we receive from our customers is to incorporate an Airbrake integration into the MangoApps workflow. Airbrake collects errors generated by other web apps and aggregates the results for developer review. We’re happy to announce the integration is now possible and will allow automatic posting to post errors to teams in MangoApps. Airbrake is […]

How MangoApps Helps Manufacturers and Distributors Collaborate

There are a variety of ways manufacturers or suppliers partner with distributors. From joint customer sales calls to product literature and promotions, these efforts help both the vendors and the distributor increase relationships with existing customers and earn business from new ones. Distributors aren’t really employees or customers, but they are more like your business […]

Why Your Company Needs Innovative Social Collaboration

Sitting in the stands last week watching my son’s 2nd grade baseball game convinced me beyond any doubt that every company needs social collaboration at work.  A story of the old-way versus the new-way evolved in front of me, providing a glaring example of how inefficient and outdated our current work tools have become. The […]