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Effective Workplace Communication With Social Networking Software

Do you ever have days where you send an email and then realize you forgot to include something. So you send another email and before you know if you’ve sent three or four?  The power of social networking software aims to help reduce email overload and create effective workplace communication. Most of us are familiar with chat and instant messaging.  But are you aware of how much time it can save you in your workplace and how efficient it can be as a communication tool?  Email certainly has it’s place but it really doesn’t function well as a primary way to collaborate or communicate.  Here are five ways MangoApps social networking software can help you manage communication tools and contribute toward effective workplace communication.

Presence Enabled

Presence enabled ability lets you know if someone available to chat. If they are unavailable post a message on their wall outlining what you’d like to discuss. They can easily ping you once they are online and ready or send you a private or public wall message.

Less Need For Meetings

Group chat is incredibly effective for establishing effective workplace communication. You and your teammates can hash everything out and move forward.  Face time can be saved and used for details that cannot be quickly discussed.  By using social networking software to connect in real-time you can get the leg work done and discussed and more efficiently use your meeting time.

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

With instant messaging for mobile, web and desktop, allows you to connect at home, in the office or on the go. Physical and time boundaries are easily overcome with social networking software.

Adaptable and Secure

You can easily move from public team discussions to private one-on-one text or voice discussions with a single click making transiting your conversation completly seamless.

Makes Email Relevant

Your inbox will start shrinking and will actually become useful again. Questions will get answered in real time and you can move forward with your day and actually get things done.  You won’t be bogged down with 142 new emails each morning.

It really is possible to create effective communication in the workplace.  See how MangApps team collaboration software can help make your workflow liquid.