Social Collaboration Software

Social Collaboration Software is More Effective Than Email

Change takes time and can be difficult, but change is how we learn, grow and discover alternative ways of getting things done.  This is true both for people and for businesses. Businesses are looking for a way to stay current in technology’s developments while not abandoning tried and true methods of collaboration, project management, file sharing, and communication. As your business transitions into using social collaboration software you may find yourself asking, “Why should I use this when I already have IM and email?”  Many of your employees may also resist the shift to liquid workflow software because they are used to using email and other tools, even though these tools are not as efficient, helpful or productive.

Why Social Collaboration Software Is Superior to IM and Email

From either the web, desktop, or mobile application MangoApps is presence enabled Social Collaboration Software. MangoTalk, the IM piece of MangoApps is both a resource and a way to communicate. You can easily search your chat history to quickly locate information and show colleagues whether you are available to chat or busy working. Presence-enabled software allows you to always know who is online and who isn’t. making it easier to connect with colleagues both scheduled and impromptu.

Communicating, document sharing, status updates and more all happen in MangoApps in real-time.  Share documents instantly and gladly rid yourself of treemails.  You can turn a two person chat into a group chat and inform your whole team of an update in real-time. And you’ll no longer have to worry about spam with social collaboration software.

Social Collaboration Software

MangoApps helps you preserve information as well. All of the links and documents shared are saved to your profile. Archiving information and documents in this way gives you a library of resources that are easily discoverable in your social collaboration software. In addition, convertible activity feeds let you convert any activity feed into a task to be assigned to an individual, group or project. Finally, MangoApps acts as a centralized hub. All of your communication, project and task management, profile, document management and event and idea management are all in the same social collaboration software.  They all talk to each other and can be accessed from the web, desktop or your mobile. It’s all integrated into your activity stream. So you and your colleagues can stay on the same page.

Even though change can be tough, liquid workflow solutions are without question the new tools for innovative businesses. The inevitable shift is here.