How Social Collaboration Networks Improve Customer Service

A good customer experience is critical to a company’s success 90% of the time.” – Forester Research.

At MangoApps, we believe that a good customer experience is critical to our company’s success. We also believe that the secret to providing a good customer experience is in building and sustaining the “service aptitude” at your company and individually in each of your employees. Service aptitude can be defined as an employee’s ability to recognize opportunities to exceed a customer’s expectations, regardless of the circumstances. There are multiple components that go into building and sustaining a high service aptitude. One of these is knowing and building a strong behind-the-scenes system that your employees rely on. Something that social collaboration networks were specifically designed for.

The Social Collaboration Networks are very good at building this knowledge system. Here is why:

Social collaboration networks ensure that employees continuously share expertise, knowledge and content. This helps to break down communication and knowledge silos in a company. As a result your customer team has easy access to up to-date knowledge and is able to provide complete and quality answers that meet your customer needs. Good social collaboration networks also typically have work spaces  Work spaces help satisfy customers and employees alike in handling issues that require a higher skill set/knowledge of the product or service with ease and speed. You could have one workspace per customer which includes the customer himself, your customer service team along with a rotating model for experts and star employees to come into the work space  This model provides a full context for anyone coming into the work space at anytime and helps resolve the difficult problems quickly and accurately.

Unlike current CRM systems, social collaboration networks are far better equipped to provide real time collaboration and search on the most up to date content. All answers are within 1 to 4 clicks for your customer team to get access, keeping your customer support costs always in check. The best social collaboration networks integrate with all leading document repositories. This enables your customer team to get fast and easy access to additional documentation no matter where they are stored – SharePoint, Office 365, Dropbox, Box or on a Windows File Server.

Unlike other silo-ed ticket management systems, good social collaboration networks let your company become pro-active with your next customer experience. It does this by giving you visibility into customer’s current business needs, issues and requirements. This knowledge in turn can be used to promote new ideas for product/service improvements internally, co-author improved documentation based on customer feedback and collaborate on newer project initiatives – all on a single unified social collaboration platform.

The proof of this is in the numbers. Within our company we use MangoApps, the best social collaboration network,  for customer service. From August to December, the customer service saw improved average speed to answer, better grade of service and higher same day resolution averaged across our customers. Average speed to answer was improved with a 85% reduction from 3 hours to 25 minutes. grade of service improved by 52% and same day resolution improved 36%.

We believe that in the subscription economy building long-term customer relationships is critical for success. By embracing social collaboration network and tools in your company you are building the “service aptitude” which in turn helps build this relationship that turns your customers brand loyal.