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An Outstanding Year in Review: MangoApps in 2017


2017 was the year that MangoApps introduced monthly releases. This not only helped us release new features to our customer faster but also helped us to keep introducing new technologies and pick up small projects at a greater pace. This past year has been a great one for us. Let’s take a look at a few of the most exciting features we introduced in 2017.


We introduced one of the most discussed features with our customers “Quizzes and Surveys”. This feature was a result of our focused effort on employee learning and employee feedback. Users can now test employee knowledge, conduct competitions, drive employee learning, conduct HR surveys, measure job satisfaction and get employee feedback. This month also was a big step forward in the way files were used. MangoApps introduced Office 365 integration. This feature helps a lot of customers view files directly in the web browser and edit their work online in real time. This feature was a real productivity enhancement for our customers.


This month we enabled idea collaboration at the team level. This solved the major problem on how to efficiently share an idea with minimum effort and worry. Also, sharing ideas with smaller audiences helps them get more focused attention from the people that matter most.


The biggest feature of the year was driven by the of the concept of Noise vs Signal. This was the first time in the history of MangoApps that we separated Notifications from Feeds, allowing users to choose what and on which platform they receive notifications for. This introduced more than 100 custom settings for individual users. This feature helped users with adoption, productivity and organization. Reminders the smart way was also introduced. These enabled users to remind themselves of all the important items within the platform, helping users to stay more organized. Finally, we added recurring events, which helped customers to easily schedule long standing meeting, plan monthly releases and more.


In August we added the bulk move, delete, download, and set custom fields abilites to the files module, making files easier to use.


Chat was introduced as a module this month, enabling users to make adhoc groups on the fly. Another big improvement we made this month was revamping the Posts UI. This effort gave PostS the aesthetics it needed to be more visually appealing.


Work schedules were introduced in this month. This feature enabled users to track their work hours, time off, or even productivity hours. It also gave managers better access to employee schedules, improving employee productivity, and effective managing. Multiple language supports for mobile apps let people switch languages within the app without any hassle.  This was a great addition for non-English speaking customers.


The focus was towards configuration settings for all SAML providers including Okta, ADFS, OneLogin and others to make it easy for the enterprises to be able to integrate their systems easily without going thru a great amount of hassle. This helped in easy user management for the admins.


We introduced another admin feature this month to make branding their domain even easier. This feature helped MNCs brand their domains based on locations, department, andwork function, greatly increasing adoption. This month we also enabled shortcuts all users. Another small item with a huge impact.

MangoApps made some real stride forward in 2017, but we’re ready to do even better in the new year. Some of the features in the pipeline for 2018 include

  •  Approvals
  • Post templates
  •  Calendar Improvement
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Support for custom event categories & types support
  • Support for reserving meeting rooms support
  • Support for maximum RSVP spots
  • Meeting agendas & notes
  • Signup for XYZ Events
  • Internal Job Boards
  • Employee Classifieds
  • Company Discounts