Experience a Win-Win-Win with Successful Open Sharing

It turns out that our parents were right, sharing really does make things better. Although as adults working in the business world sharing is less about physical objects and more about time and knowledge. In the working world, time and knowledge have tremendous value. Every day we only have a fixed amount of time to accomplish our tasks and make contributions to company goals. Knowledge, consequently, is the byproduct of time and results as a consequence of the effort and experience we put into our work. It is because knowledge and time have such a high value that they require a greater necessity for open sharing. Successful open sharing helps others benefit from our success and can bring visibility, transparency, and awareness to our business. Making it a priority to openly share our time and our knowledge with others can bring great and often overlooked emotional and cultural benefits as well. Here are the three primary ways openly and actively sharing are a win-win-win.

Make Someone Else Happy

Successful open sharing typically results in helping other people.  This might be with a project, a task, or with some day to day activity. As we help other people experience success, we make them happy. Happiness in the workplace is such an underrated emotion, but can dramatically change the outcomes and work ethic of a business and drive organizational culture.

You Feel Good about Yourself

Much like successful open sharing makes our peers happy, seeing the impact it has on others often makes us feel good about ourselves in turn. Who doesn’t like to see someone take your tip and turn that into success?  Many times people don’t take the time to realize that through their sharing of time and knowledge, they have had a positive impact.

Set an Example for Others

Finally, successful open sharing within an organization causes other people to take notice.  They see how the simple act of sharing can contribute to both personal and organizational success.  As we participate in the process, we set an example for others and motivate and encouraged them to do the same.

As you look at the future of open organizational cultures, sharing is at the core.  Through successful open sharing people can be happier, work closer together, feel good about their contributions, and set an example of how to have an impact.  At MangoApps, we are excited to provide a platform that promotes open sharing between employees and stakeholders, helping them create their own win-win-win environment.