Set Your Priorities With Simple Project Management Tools

As we tackle daily work projects, it is critical that we have simple project management tools to help guide what we work on and prioritize our activities.  Since most work is assigned through task management capabilities in simple project management tools, these systems need to make it easy for users to know what is due, when it is due, and where they should focus their time.  Far too many older project management tools are overly complex and difficult for users to understand.  New simple project management tools focused on ease of use and the user experience.  They provide an opportunity to engage the workforce in a way that not only provides clarity but drives better usage, which in turn provides better information for making future decisions.  Regardless of if you are looking at small business software or enterprise software, making sure the tools available are easy and simple are critical to driving improved results. Here are three benefits that come from using simple project management tools.

Knowing What Is Due

Simple Project Management tools provide a way to organize projects, but more importantly, the set your tasks due dates and assignments.  A good simple project management tool will also provide visibility on these tasks to both assignees and project managers. This makes it easy to look across all of your projects, get a snapshot of what is due, and know exactly what needs to be done.

Knowing When It Is Due

Similarly, these “to do” items can be presented visually in a standard calendar format, giving you a visual timeline of when your deadlines are. This is extremely helpful and makes planning your time much easier and more effective.

Understanding Where to Focus

Finally, in a world of multiple projects, lots of tasks and loads of deadlines, simple project management tools help you determine where you can and should spend your time.  If a project is set to be completed and you have the last task, you can prioritize this over a task in another project that has more flexibility and less impact on completion.

Simple project management tools make getting answers and staying organized quick and easy, allowing you to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness in how projects are executed and completed. The easier you make it for users to see what is due, when it needs to be done by and where they need to focus, the better the outcomes. Complexity creates the opposite effect and will cause your workforce to become distracted, uncertain and confused about their activities.  Take the time to look at simple project management tools and see how they can help drive better results in your business.  The simpler the better!