Experience A Secure File Sharing and Document Management System

Companies across the globe agree that people are their greatest asset. One of the core tasks knowledge workers do as part of their daily work is produce collateral that captures knowledge (what, why and how) in the form of documents and then share them through a secure document sharing system. Hundreds of thousands of hours are spent every year creating these valuable documents. Do you have a satisfactory document management system for secure file sharing? These documents contain nuggets of gold essential for continued operation and business evolution.

Ask yourself, how does your business manage these documents? Can everyone in the company easily find them? What do you do when you need to share large files? Do you know how many files exist? Do you have Team Collaboration Software or a Social Intranet with a built-in document management system?

The truth is that document management software in businesses tends to be sporadic at best. These documents are often buried in emails or in a document management system like SharePoint. This lack of organization typically exists not because businesses are not aware of their importance or haven’t spent money on a system (buying so-called enterprise-grade document management system), but because the tools available have taken the exact opposite approach to document management necessary. Instead of treating documents as living and breathing entities that should be promoted, shared and evolved, these tools make documents difficult to upload, find, update and share.

Think about what happens to a video once it is uploaded to YouTube or to a photo once it is shared on Facebook? It is viewed, rated, commented on and shared further. Now, think about what happens to documents you share at work? Instead of sharing being an obvious and easy part of the process, SharePoint and other document management tools make this simple task complex and burdensome.

Very few documents actually contain information that should not be shared broadly, however, tools like email and SharePoint treat every document as incredibly private and essentially send them to die forgotten and alone. If you talk to employees about what is their pain point, most often it is collaboration. Employees around the globe want to collaborate better and more easily.  They want to find and share data just like they find and share good videos, photos, links etc.  MangoApps has learned from the consumer technology space how to enable easy discovery, create secure document sharing and increase collaboration. Of-course MangoApps provides controls to make documents private to a person, a project or a group, but having document be considered secret by default is frustrating and unnecessary.

We believe that most documents in businesses should be modeled similarly to SlideShare documents or YouTube videos or Facebook photos – easily uploaded, tagged, found, shared, commented on and updated by colleagues. We know that you will love the Secure document sharing paradigms. MangoApps has a built-in document management system that truly brings all the benefits of sharing of knowledge and harnessing the collective wisdom of every employee, without compromising your businesses need to keep certain documents private. Give MangoApps Secure document sharing a try and let us know what you think!