SaaS vs On-Premise For Enterprise Social Network

Some other Micro-blogging solutions ignore the debate of Saas vs on-premise and only allow companies to have a cloud-based option. They believe that it is scale-able, easier to deploy and just “better.” There is no question that SaaS or being “in the cloud” is a great low-cost solution, our prices at MangoApps, prove that, but we believe that all companies should have the ability to choose the deployment option that works best for their needs. At MangoApps, we give you every option and allow you to choose the best fit for your need. Although sometimes you do have to ask, what exactly are my need? How do I choose between SaaS vs on-premise? To help you get a better understanding of your options we’ll briefly go over each one below.

Multi-Tenant SaaS (Shared Cloud)

This is our basic MangoApps offering and what most companies offering Saas provide. Anyone can sign up for this service with a company email address and it is also the lowest cost option. With multi-tenant Saas, all company messages and user data are protected and encrypted on our servers. Data from one company sits beside data from another with virtual walls in between, like a highrise apartment building. You have a doorman in the lobby and a lock and deadbolt on your door. We provide you with several layers of security so you won’t even bump into your neighbors on the way to the elevator.

Single Tenant SaaS (Private Cloud)

Single tenant SaaS is similar to multi-tenant with one key difference. You are the only resident. This option is more like your home, a mansion, or a castle. We still host all of your data, users, and attachments but they are all encrypted on your own servers at our data center. You and only you live on that server, no doorman required. If you want your single tenant to be more like a castle with a moat, high walls and a drawbridge we can, of course, do that as well with IP limitations, VPN only access and even limited access by mobile applications. On top of all the security features, you can also white label the software with your own domain’s vanity URL in addition to many other customizations available.


Onsite (Behind the Firewall)

Onsite, or a behind the firewall option, is when you need absolute control of your data and cannot host it onto an external server. There is no external access. This is when you need Fort Knox and nothing less. Yes, it is a bit more expensive and it does require a yearly contract, but it is worth it for the provided safety and protection, in addition of course to an outstanding social collaboration platform that understands your needs. You also receive a dedicated account manager who is there for you 24/7 for any questions or requests.

Saas vs on-premise

If you are ready to start increasing company communication, productivity and success, give us a call to get started today. We are happy to answer any questions and help you determine which SaaS vs on-premise deployment option is right for you.