Everything Your Business Needs to Know About RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

RSS is commonly referred to as Really Simple Syndication. It is a format used to publish content that is regularly published in blogs, news headlines, and more. People use RSS feeds to keep up with their favorite blogs, news sites, and other websites.  Anyone can choose the sites they wish to subscribe to, and then get updates in one centralized location.

In short, RSS helps you to get content from various places and centralize that content, so you do not have to navigate to multiple blogs and websites individually.

What is the importance of RSS Feeds?

Offering free, fast and appropriate feeds is an excellent way for attracting new readers and keeping the current ones informed. Any business that wants to attract customers online and keep them up to date with current information should consider getting their own RSS feed. Offering customers the possibility of access to free and easy info about your company that is delivered fast straight to the reader’s account. MangoApps, which supports subscriptions to RSS feeds, is a great place to house your RSS feeds to keep your co-workers up to date with industry data.

In this SMART world, people do not need to call, email or text to find about companies. All they must do is subscribe to a new network feed, and they will receive all the updated news with the help of a news aggregator like MangoApps. MangoApps displays RSS feeds by adding a subscription like sports news, political news and so on. You can view a complete snippet of news articles and choose which one to read without navigating to all the feeds.

What do I use RSS for?

That depends on whether you are consuming content created by the owners of the content or external services which provides the rich feed content.

As a reader:

Much like magazine or newspaper subscriptions, RSS brings the content to you as the person reading it.  You’re not limited to reading a single feed from a single vendor you can subscribe to various feeds and read many at once.   For instance, using a tool like MangoApps can syndicate all the feeds into a full-page reader or in a widget.

For business owners, it becomes essential as the feeds generated by the media houses or rivals are at a Ferrari speed, and you need to keep up. Hence a small widget always comes in handy while working on the go.

As a website owner or blogger:

For bloggers and website owners, RSS is an excellent Web marketing tool.

It is a means to create a loyal repeat following.  It helps you grow your site by keeping you top of mind with your consumers.

As a blog owner or website owner, now you must go a step forward and create rich RSS feeds, so it is also visually appealing to the users.

How does MangoApps help you with RSS feeds?

MangoApps provides you with RSS reader where you could subscribe to whichever RSS you want to, and MangoApps will appropriately render it. The best part is MangoApps lets you have a full-page view but also a widget view. Or be updated with the latest events without affecting your work. MangoApps also appropriately detects the richness in the XML provided to render a vibrant form of feeds wherever available.

Here is a short video showcasing how RSS feeds are delivered in MangoApps: