Reduce Retail Turnover With Outstanding Engagement

Reduce Retail Turnover With Outstanding Engagement

Turnover is difficult in any industry, but in retail it seems almost inevitable. Employees seem to come and go with every new season. For owners, the never ending need for new workers is expensive and time consuming. And for customers, constantly working with understaffed stores or in-training employees can create an negative environment. While some retail employees will always come and go, trying to reduce retail turnover doesn’t have to be unbearable. In fact, a lot of it simply comes down to engaging employees. With a little more attention, motivation, and appreciation, retail turnover can become a problem of the past.

Hire Enthusiastic Employees

Filling immediate workplace needs can make quickly hiring anyone incredibly tempting. But retailers need to seek out more than just a qualified candidate. In order to create an engaging environment, retailers need to start with the right employees. Look for applicants who are enthusiastic about the industry, passionate about the brand, and willing to work hard. While it’ll take more time to find these kinds of applicants, the payoff is well worth the wait. Dedicated and interested employees are naturally engaged, and contribute greatly to a happy and healthy work environment. Interested and capable individuals become the employees that progress through the retail environment making it a long term and successful career.

Create A Respectful Space

Retail organizations often take on younger or less experienced employees, and for many workers are their first job experience. Retail work can be a great experience for new workers and a fantastic introduction to the working world. But large ranges in work experience can create unique engagement problems as well. Managers and leaders need to understand where young retail employees are coming from and demonstrate respect and appreciation on every level. New employees need to know they are in a safe environment where they will be given opportunities to improve their skills, develop new talents, and find a good fit. When leaders trust their retail staff and allow them to make appropriate choices, they will benefit your organization, become brand ambassadors, and stay committed to your company.

Improve Information Access

Retail organizations require employees to answer a lot of questions and have access to detailed and every changing information. Without easy access to updated information, employees are often left in the dark, creating a frustrating experience for everyone. By providing workers with mobile work information, like those available through MangoApps, employees can quickly find product details, answer questions, and feel successful. With the right tools employees are empowered to stay engaged and do their best work.

Increase Company Collaboration

Retail workers interact with customers every day, and often need to consult or collaborate with their peers to provide services or answer questions. But the retail world is also a fast paced field, with employees constantly on the move. Enabling your retail staff to communicate remotely simplifies product requests, speeds up services, and allows team members to interact and engage with each other. By creating on-the-go communication, you not only improve services but also foster a friendly environment where employees can build friendship and have fun together.

Engaging and inspiring employees in retail doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little innovation and adaptation, successful employees will significantly reduce retail turnover, and create a better, friendlier, and more productive environment. At MangoApps, we help retail organizations engage and encourage all of their employees. With easy to use remote resources, seamless communication, and detailed project spaces, improving retail has never been easier. To learn more about employee engagement or to see how MangoApps can help your organization, contact us or schedule a personalized demo today.