Benefits & Features of a Task Management Collaboration Software

Task Management Collaboration Software

The explosion of industries, organizations across the world has meant that departments have started working together across the globe on collaboration portals and Intranets and employees have begun working cross-departments on multiple projects. Employees have started taking up wider roles across the organization which makes the “to-do lists” even bigger. Post-chits and notepads are a thing of the past, very insecure and completely unorganized, with no reminders or notifications it spells disaster for an employee and an organization on the

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7 best ways to increase Team Collaboration within your workplace

best software collaboration

Organizations are finding it increasingly challenging to raise or maintain team collaboration within a department across the workplace. The challenge is getting team members to know each other better, to have team members thrive on each other for success, to increase communication within departments and employees. These challenges keep evolving with expanding offices across locations, departments, languages and cultures. It is a natural evolution of advanced technologies, where evolving teams no longer see the importance to collaborate, and it decreases. This

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MangoApps is the best alternative to Salesforce

Get Work Done

The Best Alternative to MangoApps Team Collaboration Platform announced the shut down of, its once heralded task-management service. service will close January 31st, 2014. The company is developing an export tool for customers using If you don’t use the export tool, when it becomes available, your data will be lost forever (even if you choose to export, you may not be able to use your data in an efficient way — except to import to

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MangoApps Collaboration & Intranet Software Reviews through Customers

MangoApps Collaboration & Intranet Software Reviews through Customers

MangoApps Collaboration & Intranet Software Review by Customers  As part of a product development process at MangoApps, they continually ask their customers for MangoApps reviews and feedback regarding which capabilities they want most.  Many of the new features in the quarterly releases are a direct result of requests from current clients.  Client feedback is like gold, and they read and listen intently to each and every one. Rather than keeping this feedback themselves ourselves, they have shared what current users

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Team work spaces departmentalize unified communication


MangoApps is a unified communication platform with team work spaces. You have all of your tasks, updates, ideas, files, wikis and more in one place. When you think of unified communication at first you think how great it is that everything is in one place. There are many benefits to this. Search is the first that comes to mind. I have one place to search for all of the information that is shared inside my company, with our partners, and

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Customer Use Case – Assigning Project Tasks with Milestones


I speak with Customers on a daily basis, and through these conversations, I help them understand the best practices with the product, and almost always they teach me a thing or two. Today’s Customer use case comes from Jason at Ebonexus as we were trying to figure out a workaround for assigning project tasks to several project members for their own customer deployments. He refers to them as “New Site Creations” where several tasks needed to be handled by multiple project team

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4 Keys to Successful Project Team Collaboration & Execution

Time is money

How many times do you find yourself sitting in meetings for the better part of your work day only to find you made very little progress on pending projects?   Face to face meetings certainly have their value but what if your team is spread between buildings, cities, states and countries?  How can you efficiently communicate and effectively execute action items?  Learning to harness the power of Project collaboration software for project management can open up a simpler, less costly way

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Task Management Software – Top 5 Ways To Move Your Project Forward

Project and Task management. How we manage projects and tasks is ultimately how we can define our productivity. Projects and tasks are the core of our what we as businesses produce.  That’s why it’s crucial we have a task management tool that allows us to effectively manage all the details created within every task and project.  Finding a way to  help businesses not only manage tasks and projects from afar, but empower employees to become more self directed and accountable

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Project Management Software: More Execution, Less Management


Traditional Project Management Software comes with a reputation of being built, designed and used by the project manager. When in fact the entire organization in one way, shape or form participates in and contributes to projects, and their success. The command and control nature of Project and Task Management within a company is something that needs an overhaul.

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