Effective Project and Task Involvement Without Micromanagement

As a manager, the idea of involvement without micromanagement might seem impossible but when managers and employees work together and utilize the right task management tools, involvement without micromanagement is no longer a dream but becomes a reality. As a regular employee micromanaging can drive you crazy. It makes you feel like your boss considers you incapable of completing any work without constant monitoring.  The great thing about web-based task management is that once your boss assigns you a task and you accept it, it’s posted in the activity feed. Even if it’s not a public task, there exists a searchable post that says, “Yes, I assigned this to you and you accepted it.” A web-based task manager makes you accountable.  There is no disputing like you might find with an email or a verbal conversation. Your boss can include all the task details to the assignment, attach files and assign priority all upon creating the task.  This frees both you and your boss from any potential blame because everything is documented and recorded in one place.

With task tracking software like MangoApps, you can also follow the entire life cycle of a task. Every time you make an update, edit or comment on a task it is posted in real-time to the activity feed.  You and your boss can both see exactly where you are in the process.  There is no more need for endless email chains or extensive voice-mails asking when you are going to get a status report out.  You can make mini status reports all the time and your boss can have involvement without micromanagement. With task project management software, you are free to do your work without worrying about anyone looking over your shoulder.

Now, as the boss, why is task management software valuable to you? The benefits mirror that of your team but with a slightly different spin.  When you assign a task to person or group, there is a level of transparency and accountability created.  You can see exactly when the task is accepted, edited, updated, and finally completed.  You can also edit the details at any time and the update will post to the activity feed in real-time.  You are free to do your job too and can create trust in your employees by having involvement without micromanaging. You will have one central place to monitor the tasks of all of your employees and group projects.  MangoTask web task manager frees you up to do what you do best. Jump into Enterprise 2.0 and free you and your employees from micro-management.  Implement task management software so you can start doing your job and stop worrying about everyone else’s.