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Make the Most of Your Live Meeting with video conferencing

Video Conferencing

GoToMeeting MangoApps Collaboration Software 3rd Party Integration Our goal with MangoApps has been to make employees more productive, cut costs, decrease cycle times and boost the bottom line by supporting the way you work, hence we decided to deliver integration with popular tools that you may be already be using in your workflow to get your teams collaborating at a central location rather than switching between multiple applications within the organization. Team communications are a key part of getting

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Page Designer: Create & edit pages faster than ever


Creating a Page within a Collaboration Tool You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page. – Jodi Picoult Pages help company leaderships, department and business heads to effectively communicate company policies, benefits and procedures. A collection of pages that are well-organised provide the foundation for an effective intranet which is used often by employees. Social and Collaborative Intranets are the base for modern day employee communication. MangoApps as a product has always believed

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MangoApps & Pingdom Integration: Enabling Pingdom in Your Workflow


MangoApps Collaboration Software Intranet Pingdom integration Like so many SaaS startups, we at MangoApps use dozens of apps to run our business. One the apps that our DevOps team relies on Pingdom integration to alert them the moment something happens with one of our servers or applications. Earlier, they were totally dependent on notifications via email which has not been effective since we spend most of our time on MangoApps for our day to day operations. Pingdom is a service that tracks

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MangoApps + New Relic integration as a solution: How does it work?


MangoApps Collaboration Software New Relic integration as a solution: How does it work? As part of our ongoing mission to empower teams to be successful with their daily activities we are pleased to announce the integration with New Relic in our collaboration and Intranet software. New Relic integration is a developer focused tool that monitors your production applications and provides deep insight into their performance and reliability. It is designed to save you time when identifying and diagnosing performance issues, and it puts

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MangoApps & Airbrake Integration: Enabling Airbrake in Your Workflow


MangoApps Collaboration Software & Airbrake Integration: Enabling Airbrake in Your Workflow One of the frequent requests from MangoApps customers has been Airbrake integration into their workflows in MangoApps. Airbrake collects errors generated by other web apps and aggregates the results for developer review.  While we already have integrations with tools like Zendesk, SAML, GoToMeeting, and many others, we’ve gotten several requests for Airbrake to post notification to your teams on MangoApps each time a new error occurs or an error previously

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MangoApps 11 Goes Live On 6 DataCenters Wordwide


MangoApps 11 Goes Live On 6 DataCenters Wordwide In MangoApps 11, we have added powerful functionality & experience in the social intranet on web & mobile, built the new CRM module for medium size enterprises, taken team collaboration to the next level with integrations, question & answers module, follow hashtags support, have newer controls for IT and much more – all this to make communicating and collaborating using MangoApps a lot more engaging, productive and secure for your employees and

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Let the Game Begin! Introducing Gamification to Reward and Encourage Your Employees with MangoApps


MangoApps Collaboration Software Launches Gamification Gamification is the concept of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging. (Gamification Wiki, 2012) Games are already an integral part of our daily lives where people appreciate the feeling of earning points and rewards with an element of fun. MangoApps takes these enjoyable aspects of games – fun, play and challenge – and applies them to your daily activities on MangoApps collaboration software & social intranet domain with

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Manufacturer, Supplier and Distributor Collaboration Network

win win

Manufacturer, Supplier and Distributor Collaboration Network There are a variety of ways manufacturers or suppliers partner with distributors, from joint planning and joint customer sales calls to product literature, marketing materials, merchandising, training, product promotions, sales incentives, customer events, etc. These efforts help both the vendors and distributors to increase share with existing customers and earn business from new ones. Distributors aren’t really employees or customers but they are more like your business partners & the face of your company.

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Introducing Dashboard – Your personalized widget overview


MangoApps Release 9.0 Team Collaboration Software & Social Intranet introduces dashboard in a widget-based model A lot of thought went into making the dashboard, a collection of various widget-based modules within MangoApps. The main objective while designing the widget-based dashboard was to increase functionality and customization. The user benefits from using widgets in the following ways: Availability of rich controls (Text box, Images, RSS, Notes, External Source Integrator) Having consistent, versatile display of information Efficient management of external resources (JavaScript,

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MangoApps and Email – Working Together To Help You!


Not everyone in your company may be logging in everyday to communicate on MangoApps. If you’re a user who logs into MangoApps, then you’re probably familiar with juggling MangoApps and email, just to communicate with everyone in your company. This back-and-forth between an open/project communication platform (MangoApps) and a private communication tool (email) restricts information flow, reduces productivity, makes you less effective and quite simply makes work just a little bit harder. We here at MangoApps believe that you shouldn’t

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