Overcoming Obstacles In Employee Engagement

Overcoming Obstacles In Employee Engagement

According to a State of the General Workforce study, 85% of people are not engaged at work, creating an estimated half trillion dollars a year in lost productivity. While overcoming such a high statistic might feel insurmountable at first, with a little preparation and a bit of forethought, improving employee engagement is actually kind of easy.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas on how to improve and inspire employees:

Improve Communication

Improved communication is a natural step toward happier, healthier, and more productive employees. Not to mention, it provides a much needed boost in employee engagement. When workers are unable to quickly or easily relay messages or send important information they can’t work efficiently. As a result, productivity is lost and employees feel tired, drained, and frustrated. Improve productivity and morale at your organization by taking a hard look at your company’s main methods of communication. Are they simple, straightforward and centralized? Or does content tend to get lost or misplaced along the way?

Define Company Goals

According to Gallup, 67% of employees are engaged at work when they personally believe in their company’s mission. Workers are no longer satisfied simply making money. They want to contribute to a cause and make a difference in the world. Every successful company has some kind of mission statement. Make sure your employees are familiar with yours. When identifying your mission statement, it is critical to clearly define company goals and reiterate them often.

For more information, read our whitepaper “Why A Digital Workplace Hub Is Critical To Employee Engagement”

Foster Work Friendships

Employees who get along are more likely to enjoy work, contribute to brainstorming and other work conversations, and feel supported in their efforts. In fact, according to Quantum Workplace, “employee satisfaction increases nearly 50% when a worker develops a close relationship on the job.” While it’s impossible to force a friendship, providing opportunities for coworkers to spend quality time together and creating a happy, healthy, and fun work environment goes a long way.

Keep Tabs On Engagement

It’s hard to know what your initial levels of engagement are (or if they’re actually improving) without some form of measurement. Don’t guess when it comes to something as important as employee engagement. Surveys can provide quick and reliable results to help any leader.

Focus On Employee Onboarding

First impressions make a big difference, especially when it comes to employee engagement. Companies need to make sure their employees are supported from the very beginning. This means ensuring they have proper training, providing mentors when appropriate, and showing workers that you care about their career goals and ambitions. When employees know you care and have the tools they need they naturally enjoy themselves.

Rewards and Recognition

One of the most common complaints from employees is that they feel their hard work is unappreciated. As a leader, it’s essential to take time to recognize employees both publicly and privately. Giving rewards and showing honest recognition not only makes specific employees know they are acknowledged and valued, but it also encourages others to achieve similar success.

Listen To Your Employees

Improving engagement is all about listening to your employees and taking their ideas, opinions, and feelings into account. That’s why conducting regular meetings and sending out surveys is absolutely essential. Create opportunities for workers to ask questions, share concerns, and know that they’re needs are important a real concern.

Strong employee engagement is a critical component of any business success. But importance doesn’t have to mean drastically difficult. To learn more, take a look at 8 Powerful Ways MangoApps Can Enhance Employee Engagement.

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