3 Ways MangoTasks Tools Will Replace Post-it Notes

Save a tree, replace Post-it Notes and use MangoTasks Online Task Manager.  Ok, so that’s only one of the many great arguments for using web-based task management software.  But you have to admit, the idea of moving away from Post-it notes and notes on scratch paper is pretty appealing.  Imagine a clean desk space and one centralized area where you can stay on top of not only your tasks but also those that are relevant to your work. With MangoTasks online task manager software, you can create, organize and easily manage all of your different business tasks.

iPhone Tasks

MangoTasks online task manager software offers you task organization on the go with iPhone tasks.  You can replace Post-it Notes or work notes in your bag with something you carry around with you everywhere. Tasks are completely accessible with the mobile, web, or desktop version of MangoTasks online task manager.  Say you’re in an offsite meeting with clients and you need one of your team members to complete a task quickly.  Simply assign the task to your colleague with notes, details and relevant documents.  This assignment and your colleague’s acceptance will be reported in the real-time activity feed so you know that hey received the message.  As soon as the task is completed, another real-time update is posted to the activity fee. This allows you to quickly and easily get the information you need and pass it directly on to your client before  the meeting is done.  MangoTasks online task manager eliminates the guess and check of email and gives you status updates in real time.

Replace Post-it Notes

Turning Ideas Into Actions

Conversations in activity feeds surrounding tasks and projects are often full of ideas that could help you move toward your project goal.  With MangoTasks online task manager, you can replace Post-it notes you would have spent copying down information and easily convert any online activity feed post instantly into tasks. By transforming a comment in an activity feed to a task you don’t lose any information by trying to relay a message in email or from meeting notes.  It is a simple process that preserves the integrity of the author’s idea. When any change like this occurs, it updates in the activity feed so you can track the life cycle of the task from creation to completion.


All tasks created in MangoTasks software for task management are archived after they have been marked as completed.  Whenever you have a question about what has been done or who completed a task, all you have to do is a simple search to find any previously exising task. Having searchable task details (keywords, comments, description, attachments) is a helpful collaboration tool and allows other employees to review task history and progress and to avoid duplicate work. When was the last time you could easily search a post-it note? Instead, experience everything kept in one place for easy access.

Built on MangoSpring’s collaboration platform, MangoTasks work management software can help you move away from scattered task management and move into smooth running task management that promotes real-time collaboration. MangoTask workflow management software creates clarity and order for your workspace.