Turning Ideas into Actions With Online Task Management Software

Online task management software is much more than just a checklist or organizational tool, it can also help you sort through ideas or most importantly turn ideas into actions. Online task management is the best way to track the life cycle of a project from start to finish and to ensure that it hits all the points in between. Online task management software creates an open and collaborative environment where you can maximize the expertise in your company as well as account for each step in the process or lifecycle of the task.  It also allows you to not only see the progress of the task with real-time status updates and activity feeds but determine priorities, accountability, and relevance and create a sustainable eco-system where you can easily adapt the requirements and persons responsible for task execution. Here are a few of our favorite ways that online task management work to regularly turn ideas into actions.

Simple Task Creation

With online task management software, it only takes minutes to create a task. Once it is created, all team members are instantly notified in their real-time activity feed.  The feed breaks down the task, who is responsible and when it is due.  Upon completion of the task, you can mark it as complete and all group members are again notified in real-time, keeping everyone on the same page and up-to-date of task and project statusand on your way to turning ideas into actions.

Microblogging Communication

Task management software harness the power of social networking software and allows colleagues to create an open and truly collaborative work environment.  Colleagues can easily comment, question and acknowledge tasks and status updates.  With online task management software, it is easier to stay informed, naturally resulting in a more productive workplace. You can also promote a microblog feed to a task.  A lot of important information gets captured in activity feeds.  Sometimes colleagues may not even recognize that their contribution to the Main Feed should have actually been a task. MangoTasks allows you to convert feeds into tasks with ease.  Followers can promote any feed from the Main Feed into a task by choosing the “add as task” action link. The text of the original feed is then transposed to the new task “Notes” section. The remaining task elements like “Task”, “Who is Responsible”, and “When’s it due” are configurable as they are in any other “Create a new task” action.

Increased Flexible

You may want to change the party responsible for a task for a number of reasons. There may be a more qualified or less burdened team member that should inherit the task, or perhaps the task is multiphase and requires more than one member’s involvement to complete it’s lifecycle.  Reassigning a task helps everyone stay focused and able to keep the project moving forward. Project and task management also requires a simple way to remove tasks as needed. Mango Tasks allows both Task assigners and the responsible party to delete tasks as the workflow dictates. A notification of the deleted task will be sent to every follower of the task and task members.

Easily Attach Documents

MangoTasks web-based task management allows you to attach documents to any task and you can easily and securely send big files.  This makes it easy for others to share their expertise quickly collaborate with those responsible for the task.

Web task management allows team members responsible for or influenced by specific task to remain up-to-date on task status so that everyone can adapt as needed in real-time.  There’s no more need for long email chains and siloed communication.  With task management collaboration tools, you can truly organize and put to use your company’s resources.  Task management software is the best collaboration tool for businesses who want to turn their ideas into actions and profit. Embrace the power of task management software that combines activity streams with full task work-flow and real-time communication.  Web based task management provides project and task management solutions for your entire group and keeps your team on the same page.  MangoTasks is task management made easy