It’s Time For Businesses to Embrace the End of Status Reports

In the world of web-based task management software, you can quickly post the status of tasks, projects or just ar agenda for the workday, allowing you to keep your entire team informed in real time.  Web task management has a lot to offer the workplace in terms of increasing productivity and creating true collaboration.  It really does bring the end of status reports and drawn-out meetings, allowing people to stop wasting time and continue moving forward.


Having an online task manager helps businesses put accountability into the hands of the task or project executor(s). This creates a level of transparency for both project and task stakeholders.  MangoApps online task management activity feeds are searchable and posts are archived.  So everyone has access to the same information, allowing you to finally put an end to status reports. With the microblogging component, all comments on tasks are visible in real time to all followers as well. Task progress isn’t hidden away in email feeds or unorganized paper trails.

Real-Time Collaboration

Your task management tool can unite team members across physical and geographical boundaries.   Real-time collaboration means the end of status reports and makes social networking software better than email.  You can check in with colleagues and see when they are online and then easily update each other on projects and tasks. Chat and instant messaging, in addition to secure document sharing, and the ability to convert any activity feed into a task will dramatically increase your team productivity while still keeping your manager informed every step of the way.

Quick Updates

You’ll never need to put together a lengthy status report again. You can easily update as you go and as you complete each task even.  Simply mark the task as completed and see it update instantly in the real-time activity feed.  You are now constantly updating your team, keeping everyone in the loop and most importantly, creating the end of status reports. You can also attach current versions of documents for easy access for all team members.  MangoApps task management tool eliminates the confusion surrounding what’s current and who is working on what.

Just say no to status reports.  Instead,  keep others updated and stay informed all the time with MangoApps web task management software.  You can stay informed, connected and provide feedback in one central location accessible to all project and task stakeholders.  MangoApps task management application allows you to highlight productivity and remove time wasting status reports and status meetings from your to-do list.