How to View Notifications in Collaboration Software

Real-time notifications update you immediately to important changes, without distracting you from getting work done. Users can customize notifications in their MangoApps company intranet and collaboration software to see what works best for them. We, of course, recommend choosing preferences which help you concentrate on your workwithout missing anything consequential.

Customize Your News Feeds

Classifying your news feeds into primary and secondary is the first step in customizing MangoApps with what content is considered important. The primary vs the less important secondary information.

Once you have classified your news feed, you can control how you want to be notified about secondary information. Our internal research shows that once you have made this customization, your engagement in important conversations increases two-fold.

real-time notifications in collaboration software

Mobile Notifications

On the go or frontline workers can be notified of primary updates in real time as well with the MangoApps mobile intranet and collaboration app. For secondary items, worker can choose to receive or ignore notifications, They can even choose to be notified only on the selections that you have bookmarked/pinned in MangoApps. Our internal research shows that this is an excellent way to increase your engagement on what matters most by another two-fold.

mobile real time notifications in your mangoapps intranet software

Team Notification Control

Not all projects, groups, and departments that you’re a part of require equal attention, especially as your company involvement begins to expand. With our completely customizable notifications, its easy users to keep information under control and organized, according to the team and areas of information you need the most. All you need to do is tell the system which projects, groups, or departments you want to filter and MangoApps does the rest. project specific notifications