How to measure success in your Intranet Portal or Team Collaboration Tool

How to Measure the Success of Your Team Collaboration Tools

The most important part of a successful intranet deployment is, of course, having tools in place to measure success. We can’t base success on subjective feelings like, “Is it working?” and “Do we feel better connected?”. To measure the success of deployment and adoption, you need to put hard and fast numbers on the ROI.

How to measure success in your Intranet Portal or Team Collaboration Tool
How to measure success in your Intranet Portal or Team Collaboration Tool

Percentage of Active users in your Intranet Portal or a Collaboration Software

One good indication of adoption of any software is looking at how many people are logging into the Intranet or Collaboration software daily. The percentage of users invited to log in could be very high at first and might trail off after a few weeks. Make sure your Social Intranet platform encourages a need for daily updates. If it’s a siloed Social network without a work purpose, chances are the updates will drop. When you have a business purpose and employees are required to sign in to stay in the loop of their Task Management, and Project Collaboration, etc. You can have an almost 100% participation rate.

Contributions per employee

Participation per employee in your Intranet or Collaboration platform is also imperative. As we all contribute, we are building the knowledge base for future reference by everyone on the platform. Making participation easy with interest and discussion groups allows everyone to participate easily. When they are comfortable with participation in discussion groups, they are involved in projects, submitting ideas and participate in group Instant Messages.

Most Active Users

Every Intranet or Collaboration tool has variations of participation. You will have your champions, your participants, and your wallflowers. The best part of an Enterprise Social Network versus a consumer social network is everyone benefits from ALL participation. Sharing with each other build the knowledge of everyone involved, even if you are a wallflower and are just consuming the information.

Inter-Group Connectivity

The best part of MangoApps as your Social Intranet & Collaboration software is participation in group departments need not be limited to your department. Knowledge and Ideas can flow from any part of the organization, so having open groups encouraging participation from anyone in the network allows excellent inter-group connectivity.

Look into many facets of engagement. Who are your champions who contribute the most? Even though you don’t want them contributing everything, they work as an example to those with lower usage for training and encouragement. Also, Group contributions are enormous. I would say internally in our deployment of MangoApps 90% or more of the posts I read on an average day are in groups or projects. Targeted discussions encourage users to join in. It’s a classic ice-breaker and subject matter all rolled into one.

MangoApps allows the customization of the branding from day 1 with every trial, allows you to monitor users activity with reporting and analytic’s. We encourage adoption with tools that are necessary to get your work done every day. Wikis, Tasks, to-do lists, notes, and file sync are just a few user-focused features that encourage your users to use the software. But make sure you take the five steps above to produce a great deployment and get to most back on your investment of money and time. A successful adoption will pay you back 10-fold by saving you money on silo software and help you get your projects done more efficiently.