MangoApps Wins Social Now 2019

Held every year in Lisbon, Portugal, Knowman’s Social Now event brings together both thought leaders and prospective customers in the fields of knowledge management, organizational learning, and internal communication. Social Now is an interactive and educational experience, giving guests the opportunity to hear from distinguished speakers, share innovative ideas, and of course, participate in the social collaboration contest. This exclusive collaboration contest pits top technology vendors against each other to find the world’s best collaboration software solution. As a natural leader in the collaboration industry, MangoApps was delighted to participate in the Social Now 2019 collaboration contest for the 6th consecutive year.

No other software competition offers an experience quite like Social Now. During the contest, each vendor is asked to share solutions for Cablinc, a fictitious company designed specifically for the event, that illustrates problems commonly found in real-world organizations. Vendors must deliver a prepared presentation to a panel of judges and a live audience before answering any and all follow-up questions. During the presentation, Powerpoints and explanations decks are also specifically against the rules. Vendors can only answer questions and demonstrate solutions in a live working environment, using their actual tools and existing products.

Finding answers for Cablinc isn’t always easy either. The fictitious 1,200 employee cable and fiber optic company is based out of the UK, with additional factories in Portugal, Slovakia, and Turkey. Just like real globally distributed organizations, Cablinc employees struggle to work in teams, share information, onboard successfully, and collaborate together. Factory employees don’t have company email addresses and only receive updates from paper memos posted in factory break areas. Cablinc’s challenges, setbacks, and upcoming events reflect some of the most difficult communication and collaboration problems faced by real-world organizations, truely testing each vendor’s different strengths and abilities. In addition to MangoApps, this year’s Social Now contestants also included Office 365, Workplace by Facebook, Qube, and Diggspace.

After an exciting vendor competition, MangoApps was honored to win the Social Now Best Presentation Award. Judges and audience members alike felt that MangoApps easily demonstrate its value, responded quickly to questions, and showed exceptional insight and innovation. We loved participating in Social Now 20019 and look forward to another fantastic year in 2020. To learn more about exceptional collaboration technology, check out all of the outstanding resources available at Social Now or schedule a free personalized demo with MangoApps today.