MangoApps Pingdom Integration: Enabling Pingdom in Your Workflow

Like so many SaaS startups, we at MangoApps use dozens of apps to run our business. One of the apps that our DevOps team relies on regularly is Pingdom integration. Pingdom alerts our team the moment something happens with one of our servers or applications. Before Pingdom, we were totally dependent on email notifications, a much less effective method.

Pingdom tracks the uptime, downtime, and performance of a website. They monitor websites from multiple locations globally so that it can easily distinguish genuine downtime from routing and access problems. Today MangoApps is pleased to announce our integration with Pingdom. It’s now easier than ever to monitor and respond to website downtime. Pingdom is the prime example of an app that has been seamlessly integrated into our day-to-day operations on MangoApps. The integration has drastically reduced the time it takes to create and post incidents in MangoApps.


This new Pingdom integration will allow you to receive updates in MangoApps when one of your configured Pingdom alert policies is triggered,  saving you the from unnecessary hassle, wasted time, and monitoring difficulty.  It’s never fun to log into your email or social channels and discover unhappy customers and website issues. Check out the Pingdom Integration Guide to learn just how easy it is to add the benefits of Pingdom monitoring to your MangoApps team.