MangoApps Announces The Launch Of Office Locations

SEATTLE, WA Sep 18th, 2018 – MangoApps announces Office Locations, a new key feature in its latest update aimed at enterprises with multiple offices. Today, multiple office enterprises and geographically separated employees struggle to manage and maintain the details of each location and rarely create a unified workforce. The Office Locations feature allows enterprises to deliver well organized, location-based information by creating detailed company directories with the relevant information needed for each company branch. This feature provides employees with one centralized resource for location-based office hours, key contact information and other facility-specific details.

“As MangoApps grows in adoption by larger enterprises, we identified a need for location awareness to be integrated into the product” commented MangoApps CEO Anup Kejriwal. “We wanted to help large organizations overcome the communication obstacles that come with having multiple offices, so we designed a way to make a positive impact on interoffice culture, while also allowing employees to find information easily and communicate effectively, regardless of their location.”

Office Locations strengthens in-office commutation by automatically creating and updating location-based groups. Employees now have a place to connect and share local information, news and advice. By introducing a space to interact and connect, these branch-based groups create a sense of community, promoting local employee engagement and positive company culture.

By providing accurate, detailed and easily accessible information about all company office hours and holidays, MangoApps helps employees in other locations to better understand their partner branches and their varying cultures or traditions. A greater understanding of other employee environments naturally leads to better planning, sensitivity, and overall improved communication.

Office Locations is now available to all MangoApps customers, allowing them to create an information-rich office directory, along with communication tools that bring offices together. For more information, please visit 

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