Explore Fun and Rewarding Team Recognition With MangoApps

People love to receive team recognition for their work, their personality, and their birthday. Receiving rewarding team recognition from supervisors and peers inspires your whole organization to come together as a team and become even more productive. MangoApps loves to help with this effort and provides all kinds of useful and fun team recognition applications.

What are MangoApps Team Recognition Applications?

MangoApps has built in all kinds of rewarding team recognition applications to easily add some good-natured enjoyment to the workplace. The Applications feature within MangoApps is the central location for peer recognition applications and client downloads. A brief description of each application lets users know what to expect and the number of application users within the MangoApps network is tracked and displayed for all to see. Best of all, people can see the recent recipients of the awards or gifts from each application.

MangoApps Team Recognition Application Options

For Team Recognition and to gauge popular opinion around a specific question, use one of these offerings from the “Applications” section of MangoApps.

Employee Recognition

Research indicates that workers typically have three primary needs: interesting work, recognition and involvement. Employee recognition gives your fellow co-workers a bit of a morale boost for their great work, helping to fulfill one of their essential needs. It’s no secret that people work better and put in greater effort when surrounded by appreciation and approval rather than negativity and criticism. So start rewarding team recognition and celebrate what you want to see more of.

Birthday Gifts

Who doesn’t like to be wished a happy birthday? Birthday are the perfect time to make someone feel special. Share the joy of the occasion with everyone on the team. Let them fill in with their best wishes and camaraderie. Put the spark into everyone’s special day. Besides, aren’t birthday’s incomplete without a gift?

Office Pokes

Pokes are supposed to be silly, that’s the point. Send your colleagues a Poke and watch them smile. Everyone spends a significant portion of their week at work, why can’t it be more fun? Highly motivated employees often find their drive from working in a pleasant office environment. Inject some fun into your environment and make your whole office a happy place.

Quick Polls

These polls are designed to help you get a quick consensus, leading to fast, efficient and effective work. The Quick Polls application lets you ask anyone for an opinion on a set of pre-defined choices. Polls are a great way to solicit opinions from your coworkers and get a quick vote on an issue.

MangoApps Desktop and Mobile Clients

Another important use of the MangoApps application section is the multiple MangoApps clients available for download. Client types help with both functionality and rewarding team recognition. They include desktop applications for PC and MAC and mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android devices. The number of internal users for each client type is tracked and shown to every member of your MangoApps domain that visits the Applications page. Profile pictures for the most recent users of each client type are also shown with their online presence status.

Desktop Application

Our rich, easy to use desktop application makes it easy to stay connected from your PC or Mac. The desktop client allows you to send a status update, comment on a message, create a task and send a group message all with ease. Click and upload a photo of that whiteboard discussion to your group to continue where you left off. MangoSprings Desktop supports full presence IM capabilities, allowing you to have both one on one and group conversations with your colleagues in real time.

Mobile Applications

Our mobile applications work perfectly with both Apple and Android products and make it easy to stay connected while on the go. The mobile client allows you to do everything that the desktop version entails including messages, status updates, photos, private messages and more. Have something to share with your colleagues that would be better with a location? Add your location to your updates by enabling it in the settings page.