Everything You Need To Know About MangoApps 13.0

At MangoApps, we know that innovation is the answer to long-lasting success. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best experience possible, whatever that might be. For MangoApps, that means constantly researching and reevaluating how we work and how to effectively meet our customer’s needs. Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our newest release, designed to address many of our customer’s most common requests and improve the overall user experience. So, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about MangoApps 13.0!

Launching Posts As A Full Module

MangoApps 13.0

Posts, which were previously only available within other modules, are now being introduced as their own stand-alone module. Posts are the perfect place for sharing wide-reaching company or team communication. MangoApps customers utilize posts to send company newsletters, share department updates, highlight project success stories, and much more. The new MangoApps Post Module includes 8 predesigned and ready-to-use post templates covering a wide range of layouts and styles to help users get started. Templates are easy to edit or adapt and users can even create new templates or original posts completely from scratch. With the post module’s simple click and add editor, anyone can create a successful post, without any HTML or CSS programming skills.  Posts can support any kind of media from traditional text and images to audio files, videos, and even gifs.

The posts module displays all of a user’s available posts on a comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard with an assigned featured image. You can order, browse, and filter posts in a few different ways to always stay organized and quickly find the content you need. Posts can also be grouped into different admin established categories or pinned by individual users for future use. Best of all, posts are completely mobile friendly, so it is easy to listen to, read, and even create posts on the go.

Posts now also include voice-enabled capabilities. When posts are voice-enabled, users can choose to have them read out loud, making it easy to hear important news while multitasking or on the go. Voice-enabled abilities are determined during post creation and are voice-enabled posts are distinguished with a headphones symbol on their featured image. To make listening even more convenient, users can also subscribe to MangoApps posts through the Apple Podcast app. Users will receive published voice-enabled posts directly into their Apple Podcast app, just like any other external podcast.

Introducing External Communication

MangoApps 13.0

Private Messages in MangoApps 13.0 make communicating externally even easier.  MangoApps domain admins can now enable external email addresses for all of their employeesMessages sent to your external email address are received in your MangoApps inbox, just like any other message in MangoApps. MangoApps users can then easily reply to external emails, which are received by the sender just like a traditional email would be.  And because messages are only allowed from approved outside sources, your conversations are always safe, secure and spam free. 

MangoApps domain administrators control which external systems and IP addresses are allowed to send messages to employees through an acceptance list in the admin portal. All email attempts from sources not approved by admins will automatically be rejected. Enabling emails from trusted outside sources makes it easy for employees to receive important updates that can only be sent through email or access relevant content that requires an email address, while still ensuring communication lines stay organized and under control.  

Accepted external sources can also send emails directly to teams in MangoApps. Just like each user has their own external email addresses, each team within Mango Exchange is assigned its own unique external email. External emails sent to a team will appear on the team’s news feed, where members can read, react, and comment on the message. Comments left on the news feed update are sent back to the external source as an email. The source can then reply to that email, where it will appear as a new comment on the news feed update.  

Single Sign-On Across All Applications

Domain admins in MangoApps 13.0 can now improve their user’s overall experience by incorporating a company specific SSO widget right into the user dashboard. This widget creates shortcuts for all of the MangoApps enabled SSO applications in one easy to use, centeralized location. MangoApps has also improved its overall SSO integration abilites, enabling admins to easily establish two-ways configurations with any SAML, OAuth, or Open ID providers. MangoApps 13.0 even includes a catalog of pre-integrated cloud applications domain admin can add or enable to their user’s dashboard using the SSO widget. If your company’s current SSO integration also include an app not yet in catalog, MangoApps even provides an easy wizard for incorporating your unique application.

Screen Sharing For Desktop and Mobile

MangoApps is launching a new screen share module for instant and effective screen sharing. MangoApsp Screen Share makes presentations and demonstrations even easier and lets users quickly share their screen with anyone inside or outside the company. Users can share their entire desktop or just a single application window, showcasing as much or as little of your screen as you need. Screen shares also include audio capabilities, so communication and explanation are never interrupted.

The MangoApps Screen Share module provides users with a secure access link that can be shared with up to two people either inside or outside of MangoApps. Participants can instantly join the enabled screen share just by clicking on the link. Screen share capabilities are available in both the web and mobile app, so collaboration is always simple, even when you’re out of the office or away from a desktop. Employees can also record, save, and label screen shares for easy access and later use, or to share with additional internal or external users.

Updates To The TinyTake App

MangoApps 13.0 also includes an updated version of the TinyTake app. TinyTake is MangoApps’ premium screen capture tool, helping users capture, record, and create high-quality content. TinyTake can now record up to 60 frames per second and incorporates a new countdown display, helping users effectively capture information and providing a crisp and consistent video playing experience. Users are also able to record video across multiple monitors, and can now take advantage of several new features like slow motion recording, adding watermarks, or including screen magnification. TinyTake has even improved the creation experience, enabling employees to build movies or GIFs from a collection of images or assign tags to content.

Dozens Of Enhancements and Features

In addition to a few major innovations, MangoApps 13.0 also includes more than 20 new adjustments and enhancements to the overall user experience. From dashboard and page widget modifications to innovative improvements to the admin dashboard, MangoApps 13.0 include updates every user is sure to love. And of course, we’re always simplifying our mobile app and smart device integration, ensuring communication and collaboration are always easily accessible.

At MangoApps, we’re never finished finding improvements. And as excited as we are about MangoApps 13.0, it’s only the beginning of what we have in store. We take our customer’s concerns very seriously and MangoApps advancements are often inspired by real customer requests or needs. We always love to hear from our customers and learn from their experiences. To learn even more about our exciting new updates, check out the full MangoApps 13.0 release notes here.