Reward and Encourage Your Employees with MangoApps Gamification

Gamification is the concept of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging. Games are already an integral part of our daily lives and earning points and rewards always adds an element of fun. MangoApps takes the enjoyable aspects of games and applies them to your daily activities with a new collection of pre-configured gamification components designed to motivate your employees. Besides being fun, gamification also increases user engagement and adoption. Our gaming technique keeps things simple, interesting and fun.


Points are allocated for different activities users performs across the domain. Receiving points also broadly depends on certain key attributes such as participation frequency, contribution type, project contributions and more. These points create a long lasting sense of achievement and progression.


Once the user has accumulated a certain number of points, they are awarded a badge. Users also earn badges for performing certain activities. Badges are a form of virtual achievement. They provide a positive reinforcement for high-value user behaviors. These badges become part of a users’ MangoApsp identity and appear on their personal profile page. Here’s an example of what badges look like on a profile.



Levels of engagement act as gateways to new challenges. They become the basis for awarding users with badges. Once a user reaches a specified level, they’ll receive a badge. Levels become harder to acquire as users become more and more involved with MangoApps.




Users can receive badges when they perform a certain set of behaviors or complete a designated mission.  Here’s an example:04_mission



Leaderboards bring in the social aspect of points and badges. They introduce fun and encouraging competition by letting users see how they are performing compared to their coworkers.



MangoApps automically notifies users when someone they follow receives a new badge. This encourages other users and helps employees support each other.


The levels and badges in MangoApps have been designed to encouraging both initial adoption and sustained long-term use. Levels and badges will also guide and educate employees as they learn the ins and outs of MangoApps and its abilities.

Gamification and collaboration go hand in hand. By providing achievements, badges, ranks, and leaderboards, organizations can dramatically improve their user engagement and MangoApps adoption. The goal of gamification is to leverage employee participation to achieve corporate objectives. These are just some of the benefits a company can hope to achieve:

  • Increased motivation and productivity
  • Increased efficiency and cost savings
  • Improved user participation and engagement
  • More employee satisfaction and retention
  • Drive engagement, adoption, learning, and loyalty
  • Motivate employees to consume more content

At MangoApps, we have been using gamification internally for about 30 days. Since the gamification module was implemented, we have noticed tremendous increases in overall engagement and content consumption. Refer to these figures from the Analytics module to see for yourself how helpful gamification can be.

MangoApps gamification

MangoApps gamification for us has proven to be very successful in engaging and motivating our employees. With this new introduction, MangoApps can now help transform and accelerate organizations’ adoption of the platform by encouraging users to leverage the full capability of social collaboration features. If you’re not already using MangoApps, click here to sign up and get ready to be game-inspired.