Introducing Dashboard – Your personalized widget overview

A lot of thought went into making the dashboard, a collection of various widget-based modules within MangoApps. The main objective of this new feature was to increase functionality and customization. The user benefits from dashboards in the following ways:

  • Availability of rich controls (Text box, Images, RSS, Notes, External Source Integrator)
  • A consistent and versatile display of information
  • Efficient management of external resources (JavaScript, CSS, images, etc.)

The dashboard also offers a number of great new features.

Drag and Drop – From the user’s perspective, drag and drop involves choosing a widget, dragging the widget around on the dashboard, and dropping it at a new location. The mechanism is the same no matter what type of widget is being manipulated. This feature allows you to customize your dashboard and completely revamp it however you like.

Resize – A resizing widget enables you to easily manipulate content size. The feature is ideal for users who do not need a full blown module page. With the ability to resize available horizontally and vertically, it also makes content more readable and appealing.

Intelligent height system – The increase in height widget automatically fetches more data. It’s an algorithm developed by the team that determines where there’s white space and then fills it in with relevant data.

Screen resolution – It doesn’t matter what the screen size is or the resolution you use — the dashboard automatically resizes according to the screen size. It doesn’t cut your data or information.

Various Layout – Pre-configured layouts let you choose from multiple different options. Just click the layout you want for your dashboard and the template will rearrange all the widgets according.

Restore to default – In case the users are dissatisfied with the dashboard they have set for themselves they can always go back to the default setup.

The screenshot below should give you a sense of the new dashboard’s abilities.

In addition to the features above, we have also enabled a feature that allows users to receive resources from a third party — which you can see in your dashboard with the help of the external source integrator. With the external source integrator, you can embed any secure source to the dashboard. On top of that, we have provided more than 50+ widgets to help you get the best functionality for your domain in the personalized manner you want. So what are you waiting for? Explore this new feature in your domain today!