Internal Mail

MangoApps Announces Launch of Internal Mail And Calendaring Platform

SEATTLE, WA Oct 15th, 2018 – MangoApps, the leading provider of cloud-based employee software solutions, announced the launch of Mango Exchange this week. Organizations across all industries either sink unnecessary money and effort into providing employees with unneeded inboxes, or just avoid the operational headaches and costs altogether, leaving segments of their workforce in the dark and without a tool for communication. With Mango Exchange, businesses can now provide their internal-facing or non-desk employees with a modern and mobile communication tool built specifically for their needs and at a much more manageable cost.

“Mango Exchange is centered on the fact that enterprises today struggle to provide non-desk employees with a communication tool that not only matches their roles but does so without being costly and packed with unnecessary features,” said MangoApps CEO, Anup Kejriwal. “With Mango Exchange, the mission is simple. Provide employees without a need for external communication with an inexpensive and hassle-free alternative to the traditional email and calendaring systems, and as a result, dramatically reduce costs and remove the distractions and risks of email altogether.”

With the Mango Exchange platform, employees can send targeted and personalized messages to anyone in the organization, from any device, without the distractions or frustrations of SPAM. Because all of the interactions happen internally, organizations can rest assured, knowing that employees are communicating safely and securely, while avoiding phishing or other malicious threats that come with email. Productivity is also boosted with built-in calendaring, notes, and to-do lists.

Whether users are on mobile, desktop or web, employees navigate Mango Exchange as they would their favorite mail client or productivity app. Mango Exchange aims to widely replace email inboxes for internal-facing employees while improving the way that businesses and employees interact.

The Mango Exchange platform includes a full suite of internal mail, calendaring, and productivity solutions, including an employee directory, shared to-do lists, personal notes, file sharing, instant messaging, and more.

Pricing & Availability

Mango Exchange is sold as a subscription service and starts at $2/user/month. In addition to shared cloud-based deployments, Mango Exchange is also available for private cloud or on-premise deployments for customers with higher security and other special requirements. For more information, please visit