How to Overcome the 4 Most Common Hurdles in Social Intranet

According to Cmswire, it took 30 months for Nat Geo to build one of the world’s best intranets. Since improving their intranet platform, Nat Geo has seen their employee engagement increase by a whopping 70%.

Nat Geo’s statistic proves that the right social intranet platform can increase communication within a company, encourage employees to interact and share knowledge and skills, and overall streamline a company’s ability to work well as a team. So, what’s stopping the rest of the enterprises in the world from adopting a social intranet?

Here are a few things:

Doesn’t fall in the top list of priorities

Many enterprises across the globe do understand the importance of building an intranet system which would benefit employees, reduce operational costs, and increase productivity — but are more engrossed in their day to day activities. Also, the decision on whether to incorporate a social intranet into the company has mainly been left up to top management officials to make. These individuals often hesitate to change the existing process, want to go along with the flow, and are resistant to change.

Afraid of adoption

Many of the decision makers are worried about the adoption of a social intranet system. They start evaluating the ROI even before building the system. If an ugly intranet is present, it will fail to be adopted. The top executives have to look at the middle and lower level employees as customers and build a robust system to make sure the social intranet is of high usage and then match it up with ROI.

Employee Empowerment

With the introduction of a social intranet the culture within a company becomes transparent, departments across the company are up to speed on the day to day activities, and employees know about what’s improving or impacting the company negatively which is sometimes disliked by managers.

Various systems across departments

Employees in organizations share files, ideas, wikis, etc. over multiple channels — like emails, chat, shared folders, and cloud space. Communicating via so many channels can leave employees searching through emails, chats, and shared folders for important files or information. Employees would never have to waste another minute searching through various platforms if all of their communication channels and tools were in one place: their company’s social intranet. This is just one more reason how a social intranet can make life easier for employees and increase productivity for the company.

If companies have one place designated for solutions, which also features great collaboration tools, all the activities from task management to payroll management can be reviewed, engaged upon, and easily found in one place. Efforts of the employees, from top to bottom, in the organization, are synchronized and keep the organization’s goals in the correct direction. Collaboration is a win-win situation for all the stakeholders in the organization.

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