How Customers Use The MangoApps Company Departments Module

Company Departments Module

At Mangoapps, we’re proud of how our products and software help customers communicate, collaborate and work effectively every day. But we also know that for prospective clients and anyone in the early learning stages, understanding the benefits of MangoApps for your business can be a little difficult. So we wanted to provide a few examples from some of our current clients to help you visualize how different industries use the MangoApps Company Department Module. Out of respect for our customer’s privacy, all business names have been withheld, but every example illustrated comes from an actual MangoApps client and is a genuine, real-life application. As you read through each example, think about your own organization and how the MangoApps Company Departments Module can help you.

Provide Department-Specific Pages

An information technology department uses the company departments module to gauge understanding and provide feedback to company members outside of the IT department. IT support is essential for almost everyone in their organization but everyday employees often struggle to understand or overcome common problems. Using the company departments module, IT members can distribute polls and surveys throughout the company, getting feedback about reoccurring problems and if employees know how to handle them. The department uses this information to create a helpful and detailed FAQ section, allowing employees to quickly resolve minor technical problems. This lets employees get back to work quickly, maintain autonomy, and frees up the IT department to focus its time on more difficult and critical IT issues.

Organize A Department Calendar

One of our healthcare clients uses the department calendars section of the MangoApps Company Departments Module to regulate and organize constantly changing schedules. Their patient’s priorities and needs often change at a moment’s notice, affecting not only individual schedules but everyone in the department as well. The company departments module provides employees with a unique department calendar. Healthcare professionals can check updated department events at any time, receive reminders about their ever-changing schedule, and quickly add or edit calendar events that automatically sync throughout the department calendar. Up-to-date department-wide calendars help healthcare employees not only stay informed about their work but also provide better patient care as they stay focused and plan effectively.

Get Important Department Feedback

A tech customer uses the MangoApps Company Departments Module as a place to test ideas, grow department insights and build community. The module gives employees within each department a space to share opinions, provide feedback, submit polls and surveys and work together on projects and ideas relevant to their specific work. Because the module only incorporates members of their specific department, employees are able to dig deeper into solutions and get informed ideas about related issues with coworkers and colleagues who understand specific department details and nuances. This communication also builds community and support within the department as employees get to know and work with like-minded coworkers and peers that they might not interact with regularly.

Sync Info With Active Directory

One of our retail clients uses the MangoApps Company Departments Module to regularly sync with active directory. In the retail world, employees are rarely static and normally transfer across departments or receive new roles relatively quickly. Because the company department module constantly updates and syncs with Active Directory, admins only have to worry about updating transfers, promotions, and terminations in one area. As MangoApps syncs with Active Directory information it also automatically rearranges org charts and relocates employees information into the right department and office location. Synching and updating information makes it easy for our retail client to effectively hire temporary or seasonal workers, adjust transferred or promoted employees, and get employees connected and involved right away.

 Share Goals, Plans, and Strategies

A public relations focused client uses the company department module to conduct regular SWOT analysis. This analysis takes into account the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a company and then makes detailed plans to address each area. The company department module is the perfect space for each individual PR department to quickly conduct an analysis for its clients and then communicate and collaborate together to share goals, organize plans, discuss strategies and create solutions. The module is also the ideal area for departments to effectively work together whenever unexpected changes in company image occur. Departments can quickly create press releases, revise wording, adapt strategies and protect sensitive company information,  all within their own individual department.

At MangoApps, we know that every business is different, so we create personalized and customizable products tailored to your unique needs. We love to work with our customers individually help them find innovative and effective ways to accomplish goals and improve collaboration. We hope that seeing a few examples of the different ways our clients use the MangoApps Company Departments Module has helped you get a better idea of how it can benefit your own business. Schedule a demo with us today to learn more about the company departments module, see additional customer examples, or discover how MangoApps can help your business thrive.